***Comparison of MB's BB 105 and CL's Pigalle 100***

  1. Recently Manolo Blahnik's BB 105 has been very popular and there were several people wanting to compare this style to Christian Louboutin's Pigalle 100. I personally think they're two completely different styles.

    I've created this thread with pix for comparison, so you ladies can judge for yourself :biggrin:

    Please note that the Pigalle here is like 1/4 size too small, but the BBs are 1/4 size too big on me lol... So overall I would say that the BB here is relatively half size bigger than the Pigalle if that makes sense...

    1. Heel height - BB is 5mm higher at 105mm

    2. Type of heel - BB is MUCH thinner, maybe 1/3 of Pigalle's and is slightly curved.


    Shoes below lined against flat surface perpendicular to table, so that they're aligned from the heel, showing accurate length comparison.

    3. Toebox - BB is slightly longer and wider.

    Like I said, the relative size difference is about half a size. So the BB's length is probably only about 4-5 mm longer than the Pigalle, rather than what the pic shows at about 10 mm :yes:




    4. Level of comfort is probably what ultimately differentiates the two styles.

    BB is like 100000000 times more comfortable cuz they're about 5mm longer and 5 mm wider than the Pigalle. Plus, Manolo's patent leather (suede and fabric too!) is MUCHHHHHH softer than CL's patent leather which is rock hard, which I guess makes it more difficult to break in...
    I have 4 pairs and wear them to work, dinner, shopping, just about anything! I can't imagine wearing the Pigalle anywhere other than sitting on my couch LOL!
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    Thank you for this great review! I'm rather surprised by how much thicker the Louboutin heel is. You'd think that with a heel that thick it would be much more comfortable than the Manolos! Also I see that you put a pair of foot petals in your Manolos. Do they have less padding than the Louboutins?
  3. Also, I'm not sure if you own the following shoes, but if you do, could you do a quick comparison between the shoes above and Jimmy Choo Agnes and the heel of the YSL Tribtoos?
  4. You're welcome :smile:

    No, Manolo's padding is always more than Louboutin's imo. The Footpetal is there only because they're slightly big on me.

    Sorry, I don't own these shoes. However, I have a pair of JC Colorado that is very similar to the Agnes :yes:

    Are you thinking of a pair for work? If so, both MB's BB and any of JC's shoes are all very suitable. JC is always very comfortable for me, but their toebox is narrower than MB's :yes:
  5. thanks for the thread, didn't realize that the BB's heels is that thin..

    my feet hurt on wearing the pigalle 100 to a wedding dinner for 3 hours, which i sit for almost 2.5 hours already... =(
  6. lol my feet hurt as soon as I put my Pigalles on!!! :p

    I also prefer BB's heel - it's very thin but more balanced with the sleek silhouette of the shoe to me???
    Also, unlike CL's thin heels (eg. Fifi) which WOBBLE (and I'm only 105 lbs), BB's heels are extremely stable :yes:
  7. i like thin heels, the thinner the happier... :roflmfao:

    yes, i bought Fifi too.. it's like the heels cannot stand on my weight. at first i think it's my problem but heard from others that it's the design.. i'm kind of relieved or else i got to lose weight on wearing thin heels.. ;)
  8. I wanted to chime in on this discussion as well since I also have a Pigalle 100(black kid) and a pair of Manolo BB (black patent).....I too find the BB much more comfortable than the Pigalle.....I also have the CL New Decoltissimo's and yet again find the Manolo BB's more comfortable.....and yes, I too have a pair of Jimmy Choo Colorado and find them to be very comfortable...Overall, I have found Manolo's my most comfortable heels....was a huge fan of the Blixa pumps, and now absolutely love the BB's and hope to pick up other colors......I have tried on the JC Agnes(or was it the Abel?), the one with the 100mm heel and found them to be quite comfortable in the store but I don't own them so don't know if they would still be comfortable after many hours.....

    I think Manolo hit it out of the ball park with the BB.....anyone out there have any experience with the new one called CC?...looks similar to BB but a slightly different cut...
  9. hehe great minds think alike grtlegs!!! :p

    Yeah, I've tried on the CCs too. Someone else was also asking about them a while back, and to me, the difference lies in the toebox area. CCs have the SAME toebox as MB's classic MJ heels (Campari) which has sort of a more "stumpy" tip... Not as refined looking as the BB imo... because of the tip, I think it's also *slightly* wider and longer too, so if you have wider feet, the CC is probably even better suited than the BB, although I'm sure BB will accommodate most people's feet very well :yes:
  10. I am actually quite surprised that the heel of the Pigalle is so much more chunky than the one of the BB. Louboutin is known for his sexy flair, and I am amazed that he did not use a fifi-esque heel on his signature Pump!
  11. The *original* Pigalle that came out indeed had a very very thin and CURVED heel that was also at a much lower height around 85mm. I think it was only in the early 2000s that the heel changed to a straight, thicker, and higher one. A straight heel gives the illusion of a higher height than a curved heel and that's all monsieur louboutin is driven by these days lol
  12. ^Sorry, I should correct myself getting confused. I was thinking of another shoe, the Sixties, that came out around 2004 with a curved heel, then a year or two later the Pigalle was launched with a straight heel. However, the curved and thinner heeled Pigalle did come out around 2008 in a lower heel height and a 120 height. Here's the higher version as worn by Sienna Miller:


    Pigalle 120 Blue .jpg
  13. Thanks so much for this guide! I was waffling between the Pigalle and the BB, and this made it so clear that the BB is the way to go.
  14. I love my new copper patent BB's from the Nordstroms women and children sale earlier this month..:yahoo:
  15. congrats! they're lovely! :biggrin: