Comparison of Ciel, Blue Jean, Bleu de Prusse & Indigo

  1. Queenie, You look absolutely amazing with the ciel Evelyne. Thank you for the comparison pictures. You made me want something in ciel badly now. I just have to decide whether I should get it in a Evelyne or a Garden Party.
  2. :nuts: Thank you Queenie :heart: :heart:
  3. Thanks for the pics! It's great to see so many blues in one shot. Having seen a styles in ciel, I am convinced if I were to select light blue, ciel would be the color. It's a little more subtle and seems like it would be more flexible than bj - possibly because of the grayish undertones.

    BTW, love the way you sport your Evelynes. They suit you very well.
  4. queenie that looks like hermes taka to me! nice photos :smile:
  5. thanks for the shots...i like the ciel color a lot! i need to get a small good in it...maybe even just a ulysse :smile:
  6. Thank you Queenie for the info.I love blue and hope to track down a blue jean Birkin some time soon(where??).Your ciel clemence is gorgeous!:tup:
  7. Thank you for sharing Queenie! Love the new ciel!
  8. Thanks for posting, so nice to see the comparison
  9. Thanks for posting! I am now officially inlove with Ciel too;)....btw, you look lovely with your ciel evelyne Queenie!

  10. Ciel looks even more versatile than bj! Beautiful!
  11. The ciel Evelyne is heavenly:cloud9:!!
  12. Q--You wear Eve well in that ciel! Thx for sharing. Luv that ciel color too.
  13. Orange and ciel: :woot:

  14. Queenie, the colour and size of bag suit you so well :coolpics:. Lovely shot. Thanks for the comparison pictures. I am always learning new things from TPF experts.:tup:
  15. Queenie...any info on your cute shoes???? Please;)