comparison of Chloe Marcie prices in UK vs US

  1. Hi All,

    I'm new to Chloe, looking to purchase my first Chloe medium marcie satchel. Would you know if it is cheaper to do so in the UK or US, and what are the prices for these?

    I'm located in Singapore so hope to ship it over. The Singapore boutique is more expensive and also doesn't have the colour I want.

    If anyone has seen the medium marcie satchel in skylight (or even the small marcie with detachable cross-body strap) around please let me know as well.

    Thanks all!
  2. Hi liselle

    Im also looking for one to order, smae as yours a chloe small marcie with strap, also staying in singapore, if you ever find the best way do let me know:smile: