Comparison of Beige and "White" Cloudy Bundle Bower/East-West Tote

  1. Compliments of Denise at Nordstom, might I just say - :yucky:

    This saves my credit card a bundle o' dough!

  2. Agree!!
  3. wow, the e/w is bigger than i thought..
  4. Thanks for posting. My wallet thanks you. Definitely not worth the $.
  5. Hmm i really like the e/w tote!!
    its super cute
  6. Roey is that E/W tote a comfortable shoulder bag? Do you know what the dimensions are? I think I like it better than the N/S....
  7. I don't have an opportunity to see any Chanel bags up close and personal so haven't tried it on or know the dimensions, unfortunately.
  8. i really wonder why they call that color "white"????

    thanks for the pics though, very helpful!!
  9. I am going to go try out the EW bag tomorrow, will update how it feels on shoulder....but I really wonder if it will look too bulky on me.....I have a feeling I am not going to buy.
  10. I'm not feeling the love on the e/w tote. I do like the cloudy though!
  11. I personally like both of them. I probably wouldn't buy neither though, only because I don't think it would match anything in my closet (practically everything is black lol). But if I had a bunch of neutral or brown clothes I would definitely buy...just curious though to why it is called white. Very weird.
  12. I like the cloudy leather...but I now know I do not like the bowler, N/S, or E/W totes... I really dislike the straps on all and the "puffiness" of the totes... Thanks for posting pics!
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