Comparison of Alexa Leathers

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've been looking at Mulberry for a long time and have been considering an oversized Alexa for my birthday. However, I know there are mixed results with the Oak leathers and I am wondering about black and ink. Are those leathers higher quality? Can I find an ink oversized now or is it out of stock?

    I tried searching for this topic but came up short. If anyone can give me their input, advice or experience, I'd appreciate it. ;)
  2. I seriously think the Ink Alexa's have had a million times better leather to date than any other colour (actually, I cannot recall anybody being disappointed with black either ;) ) It just seems like a thicker wrinklier leather was used for the ink.

    I am sure there are some good tans out there, but it seems alot more hit and miss and they seem to have to be hand picked :smile:
  3. I'm no expert on the leathers, so I don't know if there are differences in the actual leather between the ink, black, and oak, but the buffalo leather looks better in the darker (ink, black) Alexas, relative to the lighter hues (oak, plum) IMHO.
  4. I have an Ink Alexa and the leather is beautiful. I bought it in March and it still looks as good as ever.
    I know there has been debate about the quality of the Alexa but I have two now and I just love them. Great style and very wearable.

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  5. there doesn't seem to have been any problems with the ink, but oak seems to be the most problematic imo! It's a pity as it is so beautiful!
  6. OMG! Your ink Alexa is BEAUTIFUL!!! :love:

  7. Thank you ladies. I love gorgeous brown bags but if I go this route, it will likely be ink or black. I appreciate all the input.
  8. Oh, thank you La Vanguardia. I must admit to sometimes just looking at her and thinking how fab she is. Only a bag I know, but still!