Comparison of 226 Reissue and Jumbo sizes

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  1. So I had the 226 DS and just sold it, and another TPfer wanted to see the size comparison with that and a Jumbo so I snapped a few pics last night. Just in case anyone else was wondering.

    Here is the link to side by side photos of the Reissue size 226 and Jumbo.

    I didn't realize this before, but the 226 actually fits into the Jumbo!

  2. thanks, why did you sell it? is it because it doesnt fit alots inside the 226?
  3. A couple reasons. It doens't fit everythign I'd like, and I didn't LOVE it. I LOVe my patent blush and it fits even less, but I totally adore that bag so it makes a huge difference.

    Also because I just won a jumbo grey reissue on eBay, and needed to finance that purchase.
  4. Thanks for posting these comparison photos shmoo88! I didn't realize that there was such a size difference between the Jumbo and the Reissue 226. If I ever buy a reissue, it will definitely have to be the 227 or the 228. The Jumbo is as small as I can go for daytime use.

  5. LOL! The 226 inside the jumbo is funny. I like the 226, fits me perfectly. Strange how in some of the pictures it doesn't look like that much of a size difference UNTIL you put the 226 inside the jumbo....hahaha.
  6. the pic of the DS inside your jumbo is HILARIOUS! i can't get that visual out of my head!
  7. Ya i didn't think it would actually fit, just a whim when I was trying to do size comparison...and it just dropped right in!
  8. Since the 226 fits into the jumbo, then so will a medium classic (at least I'd hope so!).
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Thank you for the entertaining maybe I should try putting my 225 into the 227.....
  10. shmoo88---Thanks for sharing! it is so fun to see the difference!
    IceEarl---Good idea!
  11. Thank you for sharing. Is the Jumbo the size of 228?
  12. Funny photos! I had to sell my 226 because it was too small.
  13. L, you gotta repost. the link won't load your new pic