comparison? miu miu bow to balenciaga GH city/part time?

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  1. hey! this is just a question for any TPFers who own both a bow and a city OR part time with giant hardware.

    i'm looking to get an EB GSH PT and the girls on the Bal forum were saying that the citys and PTs with giant hardware are pretty heavy..

    so do any of you own both? and if you do, how does the city/pt compare to the bow in weight?

    sooo grateful, as always!
  2. Hi ikim, I own a GH PT and have carried my bestie's bow as well. I would say weight wise, an empty GH PT would be heavier.
  3. wowwwwww.. really? shoot. that seems really heavy!!
  4. Yes i do own a bow. Recently i purchased a city but in RH cos GH is way too heavy even it's empty. IMO, it's heavier than my 1st seson empty bow. Which year PT GH are u getting? The 08/09 PT GH does'nt comes with feet anymore. The older one, 07 PT GH comes with feet and that makes it even heavier. I tried the one w/o feet for info. For GH, I found it too cluttered on a city but on a PT is fabulous. PT strap is longer thus u can cross body if u want to be handsfree. PT handle also slightly longer than city so u can wear on shoulder but not with thick winter coat. City strap is shorter for shoulder carry and handle is shorter for handheld but some tpfers can fit on shoulder. HIH:smile::heart:
  5. *k* awesome comments:yes:

    ITA with you! I prefer GH on a P/T as GH on city is too heavy..i would love to own a P/T one of these days :rolleyes: