Comparison in sizes btn GST and large Cambon tote...

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  1. I've decided my next Chanel is going to be one of the gorgeous Cambon totes or a GST. However, I asked about the size of a large Cambon tote before and got good responses. I know need to ask those of you ladies who own a GST and/or a Cambon large tote, how much different are they in size?

    I've seen Nicole Richie with her lovely shiny black large GST - I'm not sure if that's what it is, and it looks amazing. I'm also petite, (5'). I'd appreciate some responses! :wlae:

    How big is the GST and if you own a large Cambon as well, which is bigger or are they both the same?

    Thanks Chanelies! :heart:
  2. Size wise...almost the same... but I prefer GST... more "solid" & "durable"...(in caviar)...
  3. almost same, but gst has two compartments and but heavier becoz of the chain
  4. i have both, sizewise the same....................they fit same amount of stuff. Cambon is squishier and GST more structured...also, GST has 2 open sides, and Cambon has a zipper which goes all the way across, securing everything (not that anything would fall out of the GST unless one was really careless :p )
  5. The Cambon is a bit wider than the GST. I have the Cotton CLub and the GST standing side to side and there is a difference, but not a huge one. The GST is bit more "formal", it's harder, structured and looks like a box with straps (to be blunt, lol).

    The cambon (cotton club) is wider at the top and a little smaller at the base, is softer, a more casual look. They will both hold a ton of stuff. So, both a good size, hold alot. The choice is really softer or harder leather and look. HTH
  6. Thanks for these responses! Any side by side comparison pics?
  7. I can't decide!!!! *scream*
  8. I had both in black, the GST and the Cambon. I decided they were redundant and kept the GST, more classic and LOTS more durable. When I wear balck bags I am usually traveling. the caviar is the BEST leather for a handbag EVER. I felt the Cambon leather was too delicate and so I sold it on eBay! I vote for GST. They are both lovely, I guess it depends on how "rough" or gently you treat your girls!!! Me, I set them on the garage floor (I know my bad) to put my two eyar old on the care seat. So it has to be floor proof!! If you like the shape and light weight feel of the cambon, get a cotton Club tote, they are the smae size but I like the cotton club leather better, it has a washed effect to it! Good luck!
  9. it also depends on your body shape i think- maybe this is TMI, but I am a little squishy in the middle and need a more structured bag to balance that- I tried both on this weekend and felt that the CC brought attention to my mid section:nuts:
  10. Ah good point, redrobin. I'm short and have an hourglass body. Not big in the middle at all.

    Also the Cambon is more trendy isn't it? And the GST is classic looking. Does anyone know if the GST is going to be around a long time, is it a part of their permanent collection?