Comparison between Pistache and Mimosa Epi leather

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  1. Hi, I've been looking for a comparison photos between two colors of Epi leather, Pistache and Mimosa, but I can't find a thread where see it. I don't live near any Louis Vuitton boutique. I really appreciate any help :smile:
  2. both are stunning and I find it hard to choose
    that's a first...
  3. ok... Pistache
  4. Thanks for your opinion.
  5. DEFINITELY pistache! I would describe the pistache is more of a chartreuse and very unique. it seems lime in some lights, and neon yellow in others. It's so beautiful. The mimosa is nice but it's like a lot of other yellows I've seen.
  6. This is the's like a lemon lime color, definetly more green then yellow. The mimosa is very yellow. Both are beautiful I just think the pistache is a little more unique;) image.jpg
  7. Thanks, I think I will go with pistache. The style I'm going to order is Monceau BB, it's perfect for everyday.
  8. +1
  9. Thank you!! This really helps me!
  10. Pistache is amazing it is so unique. It kind of glows. Not in a crazy neon way but a pretty way. Mimosa is pretty but doesn't have the wow factor for me.