Comparison between light pink and poudre?

  1. Hi ladies .. I am new to BV and I was thinking my first bag would be a girly pinkish color .. I am in LOVE with the poudre color! .. can someone show me a close representation to the true color? And maybe a comparison between the light pink and the poudre? Thanks soooo much!!!!
  2. his angel, Welcome to the BV thread! You have come to the right place if you're looking for help with your first BV. There are some great pictures of magnolia and poudre in the action/collection threads. Dervilfal's magnolia campana is to die for, and ms piggy's poudre cocker is just stunning on her! For this season, the corallo color is quite pretty, although tending more towards the peachy side of pink. BV's online site has great pictures of all the fall colors. But nothing beats seeing these colors and leathers in person. Good luck and post pics when you get your first BV!
  3. Hello his angel and welcome to the BV subforum! I'm kind of new myself. I can't add too much more than what OB said, but I can show you a picture of a Poudre bag in deerskin. I think it's a pretty accurate representation of the color IRL. I don't have anything in Magnolia, but if I remember correctly, gemibebe has a beautiful Montaigne in this color.

    Here are 2 pictures of Poudre in deerskin, one close-up and one from slightly afar. This color may appear slightly different in Nappa leather, though. I'm guessing it's more of a pale dusty rose than Magnolia. HTH!


  4. Thanks for your help sweet ouija board and faubourg!! I am in LOVE with the poudre color if it is a dusty pink color with a hint of lilac in it!! I am drooooooooooling over your bag!! I already looked at the refernce threads and the color shown depends highly on the lighting and camera skills of the photographer so I dont really depend on that .. my friend has a deerskin braided handle tote in magnolia and it is TDF!! I think I am more of a poudre girl since my favourite color is purple/lilac/lavender/mauve/dark dusty pink! .. I also love the cocker shape .. the poudre color in the cocker is different from the color of the bag above right? or is the cocler a nappa leather and not deerskin? sorry for all the Qs .. I want my first BV to be PERFECT and judging from this bag color I think my choice will be a poudre bag!!

    and by the way .. is there something to protect the handles??
  5. The cocker in poudre should be pretty close to the color depicted in the pics above, because it is also made of deerskin. I think 24's pictures are will be the most accurate representation of poudre because, well her pics always look like something off HDTV; I can almost smell the leather! Anyway, sounds like a cocker in poudre may be just the thing for you...if you can still locate one. You might also look into old petra. It fits into your mauve/lilac/purplish category but varies greatly depending on lighting and leather type. (24, faubourg also has great pics of her old petra bags)
  6. OB, you are so kind, thanks! OB's spot on; if you love lilacs, check out Old Petra, too! And I agree, there's a touch of lilac in Poudre.
  7. You will love Poudre and Old Petra as the colours listed as your favourites are mine too. Poudre is dusty pink and OP is muted lilac with a hint of brown. To me, Poudre is sweet and OP ladylike. Both are TDF.

    I love my Poudre Cocker. Its really soft and mooshy. Do check it out in person as many have found it very different from what they imagine esp in terms of size.

    I was advised by my SAs not to apply anything on BV bags. No prob so far, they are holding well. Have fun deciding and keep us posted. :smile:
  8. ohhhhh youlike these colors too?? 24 if you have a pic of your old petra too can you do a comparison pic too??? pretty pretty please???? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  9. I think magnolia is a brighter pink. Poudre is a softer, muted pink.
  10. I'd love to contribute pics! Here are a few shades to compare - my lighting is poor making the poudre look really grey.... so use 24s beautiful poudre photos for context :heart: it's a woooooonderful color :heart:

    Poudre Julie deerskin
    Magnolia nappa cosmetic case
    Old Petra nappa umbria Sloane
    Quarzo nappa wallet

    Yeah, I've gone a bit overboard :sweatdrop:
    bv-poudre-julie-&-magnolia-cosmetic-case.jpg bvpinks.jpg bvpinks2.jpg
  11. Do bear in mind different leather make would contribute to different shades for the same colour. For example, Old Petra:
    - in nappa (lambskin) it looks brighter and more lilac
    - in nappa umbria (treated lambskin) its muted and more brown.
  12. Ohmygosh blugenie your bags look divine!!! :drool: Love them! Can't wait to buy my own BV!
  13. oh nice!!! the pink is too light for what I am looking for .. the old perta is kinda dark right? greyish purple??/ if it was a shade or two lighter it would have been my dreaaaam color!! I guess the poudre will be teh perfect shade for me!!! thanks everyone!
  14. Blugenie, thank you, and I'm drooling over your beautiful collection. What a palette!

    Hello again his angel, here are a few more pictures of Old Petra. I do think the colors are accurate. But the best thing to do is try to see it in person. Ms piggy made a very important point that this color will appear quite differently depending on leather.

    The first pic shows 2 Nappa Umbria bags. I don't have anything in Old Petra Nappa, but I've seen both leathers up close and NU has a more "rustic" look because of the tonal variations. The color in regular Nappa is more uniform. Personally, I prefer Old Petra in NU because it is simply more interesting! Old Petra in goatskin, as you can see in the flats, takes on a more brownish tone.

    This next pic is prob. a bit dark but you can see the "tonal variations"!
  15. Happy Shopping!