Comparision Pic of Brief and Afternoon, side-by-side Wanted.

  1. the more I look, the more I think these two styles are identical. Can anyone do a comparision pic for me?

    much thanks,
  2. :::Bump::: I know one of you bbag ladies has both styles. don't be shy:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Kathleen, give me a min...I have them both. I'll post a photo:yes:
  4. Here are pics of them side by side. They are both Rouge Vermillion. You will notice the Brief is just a tad larger. They have very different openings though on the top that I photographed. The Afternoon's opening is much wider and the Brief does not have the divider compartments inside like the Afternoon. I hope this helps:yes:
    DSC02085.JPG DSC02087.JPG DSC02088.JPG DSC02089.JPG
  5. Great comparison pics Hgbags : thank you for posting :smile:
  6. I can't improve on hgbags' pictures, but I'll chime in. I debated between the two for weeks and tried them on several times at Barney's. The Afternoon finally won out for me because of the size of the opening and the more structured look. I plan to use it as a work bag, so I wanted a more "formal" look - if that's possible with tassles!
  7. thanks thanks thanks. still thinking. instinctively, i like the brief better, but hmmmm....
  8. Thanks HG. Does the brief ever looks as pretty as it does in this photo, courtesy of Balenciaga and aterier naff???? Everytime I see other shots, I wonder.

  9. Thanks, Erica, for those fab pictures of those beautiful bags!

    I also debated for weeks, and ended up with the Afternoon for the same reasons already mentioned. I am using for work, and the small opening of the brief just wasn't functional for files, laptop, etc. BUT the brief is undeniably gorgeous. A better casual --meaning not work-- bag. Happy Bbagging!
  10. Nice pics hgbags!
  11. they are a completely diff shape up the side towards the top.

    You can see this quite clearly in the pics as well