Comparing truffle and marron

  1. Does anyone have pictures of truffle and/or marron? I would love to see how they look... have my mind set on a first in a dark color that isn't black so I'm trying to debate either of those :yahoo:

  2. Why don't you wait for the 07 café ? I think it will be "warmer" and probably darker than marron.
  3. I have a marron! And IMO it is gorgeous - very, very vintagey, like an aviator jacket, yummy!
  4. ^ ITA! Marron is 2d4! My sister has a City and she loves it!
  5. Wow that looks just like Truffle
  6. Here are both Marron 06(dark olive) and Truffle 06
    Brown hobos.JPG
  7. Z&J, thanks so much for the comparison pic! It really brings the colors out very well.

    I am sooo fickle - I am now eyeing an 05 grey! Argh. I hate this color picking thing. I can't make up my mind!