Comparing the smooth leathers

  1. The recent swift thread got me thinking...
    I was hoping to get a Birkin in a smooth leather and presumed I would want box, as I have experience with this leather and its longevity and patina appeal to me. But now I am wondering if it is worth considering swift instead? It is more matte than box and more supple, I think...beyond that I don't know if there are other qualities I should be comparing. Also, are there other smooth leathers I should consider? I think evercalf is too fragile and can't think of any others...I already have barenia (my fave H leather of all).
  2. No answers from me but I think I love swift! I have a wallet in it and adore it...smooth but not as flat as box IMO.
  3. I have the Gp in full swift and love it to bits ,its buttery ,soft ,heavenly smell and also once when there was a tiny scratch ,i smoothed it with my fnnger and no trace was seen
  4. I have wondered the same thing Pepper. Thanks for this great thread!!
  5. What is the slouchiness factor of swift in a birkin?
  6. Pepper. I have boxcalf and Chamonix....chamonix is quite like box, but very matte. I love it, and Flossy had a rouge H chamonix with white stitching that is to die for!!!!!
  7. Very high from what I have seen.
  8. I say it depends on the size. I've seen them in 25, 30, 35, and 40. The larger they get, the more they slouch.
  9. Yes, HG. Thanks for making the distinction.
  10. I recall a couple of girls here posted the pictures of their Swift Birkins.
    As I remember - Gina_b's 30cm in black Swift was not slouchy at all, Duna's 35 in brown Swift was very slouchy...