Comparing the new soft tote to the old…the new is the winner!

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  1. So, today I bought the new style of the soft zipped tote, but I got lucky and they also had the old style to compare it to. I ended up going with the medium size since the small was just too small and also can't be worn on the shoulder because the straps are quite short. I wish the straps on the medium were just a tad longer because I'm afraid it won't work in colder months with a bulky coat, but they are long enough to be comfortable with a light coat.

    I liked the structure and sleekness of the new style. The older one that the SA pulled out for me was so smushy that it was already sagging and puddling towards the counter. Plus the base of the new style is slimmer and feels less bulky and more comfortable under my arm.

    The straps on the new style stay on my shoulder so much better because the metal chain links are smaller and the leather shoulder straps are thinner and less likely to slide off.

    The zipped middle compartment is bigger than the old style and more useful in my opinion, especially since I tend to use totes for travel/sightseeing and want to protect my belongings from pick pockets. The zipper pulls are very sleek and beautiful and I actually like how they are visible.

    In my opinion this bag is an improvement on the old style. I love it!!
  2. While I like both, I do like the polished look of the new one more. Its just strange how its still called the Dior "Soft" even though the older one is much softer.

  3. I was very happy to be able to see both IRL because I thought I'd end up buying the new one, having never seen the old one, and then always wonder if I would have liked the old one better.

    For me, the comfort factor of a shoulder tote is almost more important than how the bag looks, and even though the old one is softer it felt so big and boxy under my arm because of the larger base. The new one doesn't feel stiff when carried, but just looks more structured.

    I will have to report back after I've had a chance to use it.
  4. I wanted to post a couple of modeling shots since when I was researching this bag, I couldn't find any. This is the new zippered style tote in the medium size. I was surprised to find out how small the small one is when I got a chance to visit the boutique.

    Excuse the poor pic quality. I think we have fluorescent lights in my dressing area because my pics always look yellow.

    I wanted to show that the base of the new style is maybe an inch or more narrower in width when compared to the old style. The handle drop is exactly the same. For reference I'm 5'6".

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  5. Very pretty! The bags silhouette does look more refined than the older one. Congratulations once again!

  6. Thank you!
  7. Gorgeous soft tote! :smile:
    It looks great on you! Congratulations!

  8. Thank you! I'm using it for the first time today and my hubby has already commented 3 times on how nice a bag it is - followed by the statement that he doesn't even care about bags. I also recently bought a Chanel classic jumbo flap and he told me that this bag is so much nicer. Of course I tried to explain to him that they are two very different bags, but I think he just sees the chains and quilting and insists that the Dior is much nicer. I think it's sweet that he has an opinion at all since most guys couldn't care less. :smile:
  9. Definitely a winner if the hubby says the bag looks nicer. At least the bag didn't look exactly the same to him :smile:

  10. Yes, thank goodness for that. Instead of compliments, I'd be hearing "Why do you need another bag? They all look the same."

    I did figure out why he likes the Dior better. It's lamb skin and the Chanel is caviar. So, although he doesn't care about bags at all, he does prefer lamb skin to caviar leather. I think he's more of a bag snob than he would care to admit. Ha!
  11. Congrats on your Dior soft tote swezfamily! Funny I decided to bring out my old Dior soft this week too, same colour combo as yours! :biggrin:

    I think the new one looks great on you!
  12. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag! Thanks for this comparison as I've been wondering about the same. I only had the chance to try on the new, but not the old. Quite helpful~

  13. Thank you! Can't go wrong with classic black and silver. :smile:

  14. Happy to help and enable a possible new bag purchase. I wish I would have taken comparison pics of both while in the boutique, but I always feel weird doing that sort of thing.
  15. Congrats! And I am with you that new one looks better!

    Love the structured new one better