Comparing LV materials


Jan 31, 2006
Which one of those lines:MC, Epi, Suhali, Taiga will survive the longest in terms of durability? I'm considering getting a wallet, that's going to fly around or take a load of books in a messenger bag.

My fav in term of looks is Suhali, but i fear it's more fragile than Epi. What about Taiga leather? I only mentioned MC out of curiosity, since I don't want it as a wallet, but could the canvas be better than the leathers? :blink:

Can I fit 2 cards per slot in every LV wallet or does it depend on the line?

However, which line out of all LVs is the strongest also for bags?
In my opinion, the Epi line is the best of both being durable and being aestheically pleasing. Many people claim their Epi pieces are like new years after purchase. Of course, the canvas and Taiga lines are durable as well, but they just don't look as nice to me.

Suhali is a personal favorite of mine, however the leather is very supple and *may not* be the most suitable for flying around or taking a load of books.

I prefer not to shove two cards per slot in the leather lines, because in my experience once leather is stretched the pockets will be loose forever.