Comparing leather by Year and Season (best, worst, characteristics)

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What is THE Best Overall Year for Balenciaga Bags?

  1. 2001

  2. 2002

  3. 2003

  4. 2004

  5. 2005

  6. 2006

  7. 2007

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  1. I thought this would be a fun spinoff from the 'Documenting Balenciaga Colors' topic.

    Since we are always comparing old vs. new leather - I thought we could have a thread dedicated to showing off the different leather variations.

    There is quite the variation from year to year, even season to season, style to style, and color to color! Each bag has their own unique personality and distressed flair - no two Balenciaga bags are the same, whether it is leather or slight color variation, and that is what makes me absolutely head over heels for my Balenciagas.... :love:

    I will start it off, and hopefully everyone will join in! :biggrin:

    Spring/Summer 2003 - Emerald Classique. The leather on this bag is very naturally distressed, and has a true vintage feel - there are wrinkles, scratches, and distress marks that look so natural and really add the ultimate character to the bag.

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  2. Fall/Winter 2003 - Red Classique. The leather on this bag is so juicy. Seriously, that is the best way to describe it - it is thick, and very scrumptious - with a lot of natural wrinkling and soft distressed details.

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  3. What a great thread, mimi!! Thanks for contributing so many're awesome, as always! :love:

    About the f/w 2005 bags - this photo is from a current eBay auction - it just struck me as a really good illustration of what this leather is like after a few months. I have the caramel shrug from this season, and it was thin leather with a slightly waxy finish - I really found it attractive though I know not everyone was in love with it. But now it is undeniably gorgeous - I really enjoy just taking a "handful" of it just like in the photo - it's soft and flexible and has some body to it.
  4. Great thread! It definitely gives us an idea of the leather variations.
  5. yay, I'm glad I could share and help! :love:

    LP - I saw that auction..... and that photo - and that photo made me put it on my watch list! The leather looks yummy. :amuse:
  6. wow.. they all look so yummy!
  7. There is quite the variation from year to year, even season to season, style to style, and color to color! Each bag has their own unique personality and distressed flair - no two Balenciaga bags are the same, whether it is leather or slight color variation, and that is what makes me absolutely head over heels for my Balenciagas.... :love: [/quote]

    although all your bags are gorgeous, i absolutely love your emerald and red ones the best - the leather looks heavenly! i can honestly say, if these bags belonged to me, i would have a hard time choosing which one to wear on a daily basis - colour coordination would go right out the window! although i love my newer bag (an ink city - with "good" leather), seeing these beautiful bags makes me think that i might have to begin my search for my own vintage balenciaga.:biggrin:
  8. This is the most wonderful thread! Thanks so much for sharing! I just bought my first Bbag from someone on TPF and I am soooo in love with it. It is bubblegum pink from Spring 2005 - it was love at first sight. I can't stop staring at it and touching it- I love everything about the bag- I have the city and even the "shoulder pad" on the strap is way pretty- it looks kind of like pink clouds- that's how crazy I'm getting!!!! I honestly thought I would never buy a pink bag but this is unlike any other bag I've ever come across! I wish I could see the other leathers in person- it makes me melt!!! Such gorgeous bags byMimi- you can definitely tell how special each one is to you!
  9. Thanks everyone again! :biggrin:

    Amberley, thank you - I do have to say - they really are pretty fabulous - especially in color. Both leathers are especially magnificent, and whenever I can fit all of my bags into a classique - it is hard to choose! I would love to see a photo of the leather on your ink, I saw one recently in Neiman Marcus and the leather looked pretty great - and the color was gorgeous! Once you find an 'older' leather bbag, it seriously becomes an addiction - you can't stop with just one, and the hunt is half the fun!

    Zac - thank you! Please contribute!! I love that color, it is so fun - and it has great yummy leather! What a great first Balenciaga :smile: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
  10. oh i love seeing pics of how the new leather wears in... ppl post more please!
    perhaps all of us old leather fans will be won over by seeing how the new leather softens and gets smushy and matte with age (so, does it?),
    yet remains much more wear-resistant than the old leather.. thus combining the best elements of both!
  11. if you look at the thread "my ink city is here!", you will see pictures of my bag. as mentioned in the post, there are two sets of photos. the first three show my beautiful bag that joseph at Bal NY selected for me and the other three represent the one i ultimately returned to holt's in toronto. you will notice there is quite a difference in the appearance of these two bags.
  12. Mimi you have a gorgeous b-bag collection - I will add some pics tomorrow because this is a great idea...But - again - you have a fabulous collection. :biggrin:
  13. Great thread! Very interesting & helpful!
  14. hi mimi. i'm a new member, my name is irene and i'm from switzerland/europe (sorry please, unfortunately i don't speak very well english :shame: ). i heared about this forum from a very good friend which is also a member here.
    now first: congratulation to this very very interesting thread and the most beautiful pictures of your valuable Bbag-collection, it's enviable :love: !!
    i've had the absolutely first balenciaga first-classique in black, this leather was the smoothiest i've ever felt - this leather never came back again. i just realised now that the leather-variations are so different. i have the classique-first from s/s2005 in pubblegum-pink, the city-classique in turquoise from 2004 and i'll recieve next week the red twiggy from 2003 - yeeaahhhh :biggrin:! in the meantime i've had many balenciaga's which i sold again :shame:: black, dark-brown, lilac, teal-blue, sky-blue, white, the 2005-turquoise, magenta and the eggplant-first. i've heared from the store here in switzerland that the leathers will be smoother again for the season f/w2006 .... we will see ;) !?
    thanks again for this wonderful idea with the "leather-variations" - it's absolutely great :love: !
  15. Irene!!!! is that you my dear?????? yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you're here!!!!!:love: ;)

    please post your lovely bags!!!!!