Comparing Kristin Satchel and Kristin Hobo


Oct 6, 2008
How big is the size difference between the Kristin Satchel (Small) or the Kristin Hobo (small) ? And which one do you like better and why? I kinda like both and don't know which one I'd be happier with in the long run. Considering either turqoise or peach in either bag.

Here's what I'd put into my bag:

Large Gramercy Wallet
2 Gramercy Wristlets
Digital Camera

It propably would fit in both, but which one would be less cramed up and would leave a little space? lol. I haven't looked at them close enough yet, can somebody give me an idea? And which color is more practical and easier to take care of from turq or peach? I'm tending towards the satchel but I can't quite decide on color...


Oct 12, 2009
I really love the satchel, but the small one on the should looks so tiny to me, if your not going to put it on the shoulder and wear it as a satchel, i think i would get the satchel!!!!! and the satchel in turqoise is TDF!!!!