Comparing Blood Orange to Sanguine

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  1. Hello, TPFers! I have a questiion for your discerning eyes. I already own a Kara necklace in Blood Orange Niloticus Lizard. I also have a Micro Rivale, GHW, in Blood Orange Swift. They go together harmoniously enough. I would like to add a bag to this mix.

    I'm just not THAT charmed by the Double Sens, even though I've seen one in Blood Orange/Pearl Gray on Do any of you think that a bag in Sanguine Clemence would work?
  2. Blood Orange and Sanguine are the same color. Blood Orange is just the English translation.
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  3. Yes they are the same
    Except different types leathers the effect most time varies
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  4. Exactly.
    A very nice color indeed.The slight variations according to leather will only add a touch of sophistication if you like to make an all Sanguine look !
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  5. Thank you, all three of you! I feel like smacking my forehand with my head and shouting "dumbkoff" at myself......can I claim it was a senior moment when I forgot to check the French to English translation? Pretty please?

    Added: oh my! I went to look up the definition of sanguine and found this as the number one definition
    "optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation". I have that mentally tatooed on my forehead...Little Miss Sunshine!
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  6. The etymology of the word's actually really interesting. It really just means related to blood, or in French blood-colored, which is why the fruit is called "sanguine"...but using it to reflect temperament has to do with old beliefs about strength and emotions actually being related to your blood.
    No senior moment at all, it's a bit confusing - but always good to be sanguine about it ;)
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  7. How interesting! In addition to having the Little Miss Sunshine personality, I rarely wear makeup because my cheeks get all rosy when I am with people I like! Yes....always good to be sanguine, indeed.
  8. Which bag did you get? Pictures please!
  9. I just wanted to thank all of you for clearing up my muddled thinking - older brain can be quite the challenge to steer around with! I wound up buying a GM Picotin Lock in Sanguine Clemence, pre loved!
  10. I didn't see your question until just now. I will post pictures of BOTH my Picotins once I receive this one, OK?
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