Comparing 2012 and 2009 black caviar

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  1. Hi ladies, will love to show all of you my newest addition black caviar jumbo with Ghw and the comparison with the medium caviar in Ghw. They are different indeed and frankly I'm loving the differences!!!! I like the smoother and less pebbly one in 2009 and the rougher and more pebbly one in 2012! So unique!!!! As for the blackness both are black but there seems to be a little bit more shine in the 2009 one but not forgetting it went through more rounds of tender loving care of cleaning. As for the hardware, the gold looks the same!

    Verdict: Chanel quality is still superb in this. Btw the 2012 jumbo is made in Italy and 2009 medium is made in France



    2012 on top


    image-462880899.jpg image-1400822452.jpg image-101917945.jpg
  2. both are very beautiful!
  3. Agree!
  4. Thanks for the pictures. I personally prefer the m/l 2009 leather.
  5. Thank for the comparison pics!
    I agree, that both look good, although being different.
    Your M/L still looks like new!!
    I have also a M/L and mine is from 2008, looks the same as yours and I think the quality of the old caviar is fantastic, almost indestructable. Hopefully, the new one will turn out to be comparable long-lasting, but I would assume so.
  6. Me too. I like the 2009 caviar, it has that sheen and puffiness.
  7. Agree x2
  8. I also prefer the 2009 caviar. MUCH better than this new caviar. So sad
  9. My sister received her black jumbo cavier this past weekend after a six months waiting. I was so disappointed in quality, compared to mine. Her is a 169xxx series. It's flat, dry and dull looking - it look like " cheap" There no shine to it. Mine, 159xxx series and looks better than her. I also purchase a jumbo beige cavier - with no issues, I'm wondering if it just the black cavier. She Debating if it's a keeper since this is her first purchase.
    In addition, I also receive my cavier long wallet with zip coin, the pocket, it look like they have used the "new" dull, flat cavier leather on it. I can see, feel it, when I touch it.

    So disappointed, but I have a love hate relationship with Chanel!
  10. Totally agree.. I love your 2009 better!
  11. Mine also, I have caviar starting with 1516xxxx and 16xxxx the texture is so different. I prefer 1516xxxxx more solid. I m so sad with their standard now.
  12. Mine with 16xxx too. I wonder if the leather will become more shinning after several use?or, is there any products that can be used to "shine" the leather.., I was very disappointed as it was posted all the way from Paris to me (I'm in Australia) and it was my first Chanel bag..
  13. Hi, what is the serial number for the 2009 m/l? I love both! :smile:
  14. Wow, I guess I got lucky having bought my first and only m/l caviar in 2009. I think the 2012 has it's own nice qualities but looks less supple.