1. For those of you familiar with the Victoria FT and the Bolide, compare and contrast the two bags.
  2. The Victoria FT IMO holds more, but it's much more casual. Bolide can be dressed up or down and is more versatile. Just my 2 cents though.
  3. have to agree + the bolide is vrsatile with the optional shoulder strap = sporty ,handheld = more elegant ladylike. the victoria is for me more of an everyday bum around still stylish bag but nothing i would take personally for lunch semi formal events etc . the bolide can easily do both depending on leather
  4. The Victoria is fabric lined, the bolide is chevre lined (making the bolide more expensive). The bolide is available in both stiff leathers (like box, vl, etc) and slouchy leathers (like clemence).
  5. whoa lilach!! hello there!

    I agree with hg. Victoria FT is more casual, and bolide can be both.
    both very beautiful bags though!!!
  6. This sounds like an exam question to me. Too bad we didn't have these types of questions when I went to school....