Compare leather on campana and veneta

  1. What is the differnce between the leather on the campana and veneta. Is the veneta shinier and more delicate?

    I am interested in the medium size of both in black and without a BV boutique or source nearby, I have no way to see in person. But you guys are always so knowledgeable and helpful!!!!!

  2. i didn't think there was any difference between the woven leathers of the veneta and the campana since they are both strictly nappa.
  3. As annie said, both the campana and the veneta are nappa so the leather is the same. Some other bags are nappa umbria, which is a slightly stiffer leather, but the two styles you mentioned are only in the nappa.
  4. Hmm, I thought the campana was nappa umbria. Will have to check the care card to see.

    I think even though both bags are "medium" sized, they hang differently. You really need to try them on to see if the handle drop and width of each bag suits you. Plus over time the bags slouch (especially the veneta) so one that feels too tight or bulky under the arm may not be that way in a few months. Okay have I confused you enough? One word of advice, if you will be buying a bag sight unseen, use the online shopper, Ana. If you don't like the bag you can return it for a refund, whereas at a boutique it is only return for store credit, even if you buy it over the phone and have it shipped. Good luck!
  5. Ouija Board, thanks for your great advice.

    You are all correct, both are the same leather. I really meant to ask the following question:
    What is the difference between nappa and umbria nappa?
  6. You can find a thread about the difference here: Nappa Umbria BV & Pics!

  7. Blugenie, thank you so very much for the link. It really helped to see the member comments AND your terrific pics.