Compare fake to fake: another way to check authenticity

  1. When we check authenticity of a bag, we normally compare it to the authentic ones, I just found another way is to compare it to the fake ones.

    I was watching this Hudson bag on eBay:

    it seems ok but I'm not a MJ expert. There are a couple things which I'm not very sure which include the leather zipper puller. Then a asked thithi for some advice, she is very very nice!!!( Thank you again, thithi!:heart: ) She said it's not right, but I'm still not sure about that.

    Then I start checking, since there must be sources and distribution channel of these fakes. Then I found this:

    Oh, man!!! is it the same thing as the one on eBay?!
    Now I'm sure the one on eBay is definitely a FAKE!
    (I can tell that by the zip puller alone, they are exactly the same!)

    Not bad to have other resources to check, just my $.02:p :p .

    (PS: I'm not a native speaker, sorry for my bad english)
  2. That is a great suggestion...though I am usually too lazy to do that :yes:
  3. The only difference I notice is that the "leather" trim on the inside is a darker brown on the fake than it is in the ebay one. Maybe thats a clue?
  4. wow, thanks for pointing that website out. I think you saved me for bidding on something that looked really real!
  5. Basically, these two much more similarities than differences.
    1. Both have the leather thing on the zipper
    2. Both are "shorter" than usual ones
    3. Both have something wrong with the handles. Look at the point where the handles conneted with the bag.
  6. yeah...I didn't expect that they have fake hudson this soon..and, they are very good fakes.
  7. Hudson doesn't have leather zipper pulls, and the lining is wrong.
  8. You'd be surprised how fast the fakers make new season bags. Hudson and trish bags were faked a couple months ago. There are already Ingrid and Topaz colored bags faked. The popular styles always get picked up quickly by the fakers.
  9. interesting idea but i don't think i could say both those bags look alike by comparing both sets of pics. there are too few pics in the ioffer link.

    and that fake hudson on ebay fetched $700 :throwup::throwup::throwup:
  10. Blech! Those two bags are hideous!

    Oh, and the ebay seller says they bought their bag in Greenwich can only buy Marc by Marc Jacobs bags in Greenwich Village, the MJ store is in SoHo!
  11. That's me:sweatdrop:
    then thithi told me it's not I started research...I'm glad that I didn't pay.
    The seller agreed with cancel the transaction very easily, but still want me to leave him a feedback saying it's a problem with the color...That's funny!! :cursing:
  12. OMG! I hate it!! I hate it!! I'm a chinese and I'm proud of being one. I just don't quite understand why they would that. They can make very good fakes, why don't they create some middle level brand of their own and improve it. Nothing is worse than stealing ideas! I'm really sorry for that..:sad: :sad: :sad:
  13. He's a liar! he even has a more ridiculous story...he said he is a designer and did some work for MJ himself, so he gave him that bag.. What a shame...I even belived him, I guess I was too naive:crybaby:
  14. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! :sad: Thankfully you did not pay for that thing at least. These fakers are awful and the sellers who distribute them too :yucky: ...can't express my disgust upon seeing one or two Stams that I am sure to be fake selling for like $700-$880 on eBay :throwup: It's disgusting.
  15. Yes, they are...even if they say designer inspired, it's not bad, but stealing others' ideals, making fakes and cheating's a crime!! Especially for buyers who love bags so much(they spend $$$ on a bag), getting a fake bag must be a heart-broken experience!:crybaby: