Compare Bluefly BV bag colors w/ offical BV color names

  1. Those of you who have purchased from Bluefly, help me understand the colors:

    Is Bluefly brown ebano or noce?

    Armcandyaddict was kind enough to let me know that at some point today Bluefly had a limo ball, but I think I may be confused about what they call limo.

    CAN SOMEONE HELP ME understand the difference between BLUEFLY COLORS AND BV OFFICIAL COLORS?
  2. The only bag that I received from bluefly is the old petra sloane which was called dark mauve, I'm sure that ebano would be referred to as brown or dark brown whereas noce would be tan?? I also know that ferro was charcoal.
  3. Would you mind posting the link to the brown BV that you're referring to? It may be easier to guess with a photo. :flowers: Vendors often have various names for colors and it can be quite confusing as it's not the same as the original manufacturer. :s
  4. Bluefly also tends to call noce, walnut.
  5. Mystiletto, dumb do I post a link on a Mac?
    Also, how do you bold the name of the person you are responding to?
  6. to bold a name on a mac just highlight the name and click the b under the word message. to post a link i think you would click the icon for insert link. haven't done that in a while but i think that's how. hope that helps.

    Annie got the name thing thanks!

    Mystiletto thanks for offering to help with the Bluefly colors. I tried to post the link for the brown new ball here, hope that helps . Actually I should post the picture to make it easier for you, but don't know how!!!!!

    Bluefly has a grey tote, is grey the same as limo?
  8. Thanks for the link. That looks like noce to me. :yes: It's a beautiful color.

    Are you referring to the grey tote below:

    If so, that looks like limo. With Bluefly though one never knows. Someone just posted that she received a moro (dark dark brown) bag when it was labeled charcoal so mistakes do happen. Also, I guess they are pretty general with labeling. Brown could encompass a whole range of colors in the brown family.

    Hope that helps. :flowers:
  9. Mystiletto

    That is the grey tote I was thinking of. So that is limo-- it looks really nice. I have never seen limo irl, but everyone seems to like it. I did see on the forum that one person found it got dirty easily and another said no. Individual differences probably.

    So noce can be brown or walnut. Grey is limo. Dark brown is moro.

    I keep going on to Bluefly hoping the limo ball that Armcandy told me about will pop up again.
  10. Watch out though-- if you see nwpurselovers thread, they sent her the wrong color bag!
  11. I could easily be wrong, but Limo was a spring 07 color, and didn't the New Ball come out for Fall? So I think what may look like Limo on the screen on Bluefly is actually a Camel New Ball bag. I've seen the Old Ball in Limo but not the New Ball.... anyone? :shrugs:
  12. The new ball on my screen looks too dark to be noce (but it maybe their lighting when taking the pic) but it is definately too light to be ebano. I would therefore say that it is the new ball in Noce.