Compare and contrast L, P, & NY H wearers

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  1. Honey88's fabulous thread "Do Parisians wear H?" is the inspiration for this thread.

    I would love to read your opinion on who is the most sophisticated H wearer among Parisians, Londoners, and New Yorkers. The more descriptive you can be, the better. It would be fun to read your comparisons of H wearers from these three cities.

  2. Well I've not been to London yet. Between Paris and NY, honestly I saw mostly toursts with Birkins in Paris. The only local I saw was the bartender at a caviar bar wearing a Kelly. Nice beigy color and she looked great with her nice outfit, didn't look like a bartender at all and she was in her 40s and she looked good, causl class pants and top.

    Other than that, the ladies at Barney's that I see aka Birkin Central (so many Birkins in there) always look well groomed and sophitcaed. (ok I'm partial NYC will always be home to me).

    And my hairdresser in NYC see Birkins there too, so between Paris and NY I'd definitely pick NY.

    Now I think London will win out over NY becuase from what my friends tell me London is the forefront of hair and fashion.
  3. I see more black in New York and more gold in Paris. Also, the bags in Paris are more likely to be well-worn, while New York bags look to be in newer condition. Don't know about London...yet ;)
  4. mizzle, do you suppose the bags are family heirlooms in Paris? Wonder why they do not go to the spa, or maybe it is a badge of fashion honor?
  5. Thank you so much for your posts. Fascinating to me. And I bet that you are right, Gelbergirl, I bet that it is a badge of honor there to carry a well-worn bag. Perhaps it is a way of saying that the H is not new to me, or I don't have to be precious with H cause there is more where that came from. Fun to speculate. Thanks for indulging me.
  6. Miss Margaux, this is interesting to me. My guess would have been Paris for hair and fashion. But I have never been, so it would have just been a guess.
  7. Yes, the bags are probably older and less of a novelty for them.
  8. I live in NYC, and there are lots of birkins, but not so many other bags, not even as many kellys (at least on UES). I don;t see much bright color either, but maybe its because I've just started to look this winter. I also think I see a lot of fakes -- I rode up an elevator today -- and wanted to shout at a very batwing-y, very plastic like togo leather; slightly larger handles than there should be)
  9. Paris. I think the women in Paris are more chic/stylish on any given day anyway but they carry their Hermes with a devil-may-care attitude that I love. They're not "precious" with them........these bags are used and well loved.
  10. Well I havent been to NY yet so between London and Paris I honestly think BOTH have fab. and great style! I also noticed that in London people would approach you to compliment your bag and style more than paris.

  11. This is interesting!
  12. Oh I so enjoy looking at the different styles, what women wear and carry, when I do manage to travel! Very interesting thread.
  13. probably paris it is very carefree and you see alot of styles around apart from the obvious b. i just love the french way so i am partial

    but of all those cities what is prominent to me is the mostly neutral colors. i said it before and will say it again in new york the upper east side for me in one word is beige! beige hair- beige clothes -beige homes- beige everything and by beige i do not mean neccesarily the color lol )no offense please i also know a lot of fabu new yorkers just my little limited view as an outsider

    london well it depends but i found the most birkins(and mostly birkins less other h) to be with non-british people aka non dimiciled status londoners kwim? but that is not a clear objective picture as i only live there durin summer and have not very much to do with british people.

    but globally i think there is a cultural and also climate reason behind the different preferences the farer east you go the more colors unusual combos and gaudiness(in a positive way) you see . i hope you get what i want to say ?

    i see it on myself i do have a special "european wardrobe,jewelery and bags " that are much much simpler in cut ,size ,color, material, daringness etc than the things i wear in my home town or my birth country (yes i know i only wear black and white but yes there are differences lol) it is like it is still me - but with less glam, less ott more elegantly suburban lol
  14. My husband flies to Europe several times a year on business. I am a bad flier, and flying over the Atlantic would require me to be medicated, so I have not accompanied him yet, but will when I work up the nerve.

    I live in the South and wear bright colors and Lilly Pulitzer almost year round. So I am intrigued by women with monochromatic or neutral colored wardrobes.

    My husband said that the Milanese are the most impressive, but he may just be saying that because his family is from Northern Italy. He did tell me that when I finally go to Europe that I should not smile so much or seem so cheery cause it would be a turn off to the Europeans. This will require much discipline on my part because I am just the happy type.