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  1. #1 Aug 11, 2014
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2014
    I've recently been burglarized and my insurance company wants to replace all my stein items including my Hermes Herbag cabine TGM. I used as a luggage bag. However its now been discontinued and my insurance want to replace it with something comparable. What would you think is a comparable bag?
  2. Sorry to hear - a travel sized Victoria in toile may be something to consider. It's Strong and sturdy as a cabin bag.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear you were burglarized! that's terrible but I'm glad your insurance is working with you! I'm not familiar enough with the travel bags but I hope you get something lovely!
  4. God bless you
    Hope you are fine
    Travel bag
    How bout
    Victoria-zipper safe
    Double sen-open tote but deep
    Picotin gm-think price closes to evelyne and can shoulder
  5. So sorry to hear you were burglarized. Hope everyone's okay. I don't have suggestions other than what have already been suggested earlier. Do take care.
  6. I called hermes and the lady sounded like she had zero interest in answering my question or helping me. Ugh I'll go to the store and see if they can reprint my receipt and answer my comparable question.
  7. So sorry! Hope everything will be fine!
  8. Sorry you were robbed. Alas, situations like this are when paperwork is so critical and you wish you'd kept everything! But I'm a bit confused - didn't you purchase the cabine bag you referenced in your first post as a used item - was it on Ebay? Are you hoping Hermes will have the original buyer's receipt?
  9. .

  10. I need the original buyers receipt from Hermes.

  11. Hermes will not give you that. They will only divulge personal information to the original buyer. If I were you I would contact the buyer and see if they will email you a copy. Good luck. Sorry about the robbery. That is a horrible thing that happened.
  12. Thanks everyone
  13. I am sorry to hear that. If you really like the style and design of the herbag cabine.
    Maybe you can try on Herbag zip 39, Garden party or Evelyn.