comparable alternatives for Chanel Black Satin

  1. I love Chanel, but this is riduculous trying to get thier Black Satin polish. I picked up a bottle of Wet n' Wild in black and I think that it is very pretty. Has anyone found anything that is similar to Black Satin, as I haven't even been able to try on Black Satin at the Chanel counter.?
  2. I was in Calgary about 8 weeks ago and they had one left at Holt Renfrew....I am still kicking myself in the arse for not buying!
  3. I picked up my bottle of Chanel black satin on Ebay for $33. I recieved it within 3 days of buying it. Try there. Otherwise, try Chanel's 'Vamp' color. It was last years hot color, and because it's so dark, it's still a hot one this year. You can still get 'Vamp' at the counter.
  4. I saw a new polish from Cover Girl--it's a new line--Boundless Color. There was this one color called Midnight Shimmer that had the same "look" of Black Satin. It was black with some subtle metallic shimmer, but a little more obvious than BS to me... Anyways, it's a cheaper alternative that might be worth checking out!

  5. I've heard that the Wet n Wild is more opaque than Black Satin. But, I haven't tried the WnW black so, I can't say for sure.

    I'm so glad that I bought Black Satin when it first came out because I've heard that it's hard to find everywhere. I hope you find it chanel5.
  6. Have you considered OPI's Black Onyx?
  7. $94 for a tiny bottle of black nailpolish???


    yes, it's going for that much on ebay now.

    it's wet n' wild for me.

    ladies, try it.

    it's actually pretty!
  8. I have OPI's Black Onyx. It stayed on my toes for along time! But I don't think it has any shimmer to it.
  9. Essie has a black polish called Licorice. It's just a flat black, no shimmer but Essie polishes are very good.
  10. I'm using Black Onyx too. And it doesn't have the shimmer in it like I thought it might...:sad:
  11. How about OPI's Black Satin or Cover Girl's Midnight Magic?
  12. I have black satin and its nice but I actually prefer Deborah Lippman's Hit Me with Your Best Shot its black but with a nicer shimmer. It stays on really great too
  13. black stain in Europe and Asia isn't limited edition! However, its matte and doesn't have shimmer
  14. Do any of you live in New York? Or I believe there is a counter in Boston ... try Giella custom cosmetics. She is at Henri Bendel in New York and I went there once like 5 years ago. Recently I found out that she comes to a salon here in Maryland once a month. You can get custom made cosmetics; including nail polish. I saw her last month and she made a black with a touch of red and as much shimmer as I wanted. I have it on my toes now but it has only been a few days so I cna't judge durability yet. However you can get as much black and as much shimmer as you want. Or any other color you want. Then you get to name it. :yes: I'm so unimaginative ... I called mine PG-13. :P I bought like $300 worth of cosmetics that day so I am unsure how much the polish was (it is a small bottle) but I think it might say on the website:

    GIELLA Custom Blend Cosmetics

    Okay, the polish is 20.00. Anyway, check out the website and see if she is near you. It was a lot of fun getting custom blended cosmetics and so far I REALLY like this nail color. I'll try to take a picture later.
  15. I'm using OPI black satin right now - it has a light shimmer