Compagnon vs. Money Wallet: Pics and What Fits Inside Each


Which wallet do you prefer?

  1. Compagnon

  2. Money

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  1. Do you ever use that tiny outside pocket?? How and what for?
  2. I put a single spare house key in there...just in case I leave my set behind.
  3. Keys, that's it!!
  4. Rocksteady, I do the same thing with my wallet's (not Balenciaga) little pocket!
  5. But what scares me is, God forbid, I get my wallet stolen the thief has a key to my house and my address on the driver's license!
    I'm trying to figure out another use for that pocket but it's tiny!
  6. i keep the tags in there haha
  7. my husband and my business cards
  8. QUOTE: pursemania "my husband and my business cards"

    Wow!! you fit your husband in that little front pocket!! :lol: :lol: :lol: I'm sorry!! I just couldn't resist!! If you read it just like it is written, it is very funny!

    FYI... I use my Money wallets as a clutch and take to crowded bars, etc... so in the little front pocket I fold up $$$ for drinks, tips, etc.. easy access.
  9. I will be using my money wallet like that too, Golden, so my next phone will be an ultraslim one so I can put it in that middle space
  10. goldensx5,

    Thank god, he doesn't fit - otherwise I'd have to take him shopping with me!:upsidedown:
  11. Thanks for the good laugh!! I needed it!! You are so funny. :roflmfao:
  12. I put stamps in there! (I have a Money wallet)
  13. me too :yes:
  14. don't do that, you'll de-magnetize all your cards :wtf:
  15. oh really, had no idea!! thanks annanas