Compagnon ( Balenciaga Wallet)

  1. Hi ladies..
    I need a new wallet and i'm in love with the compagnon ...
    Do you think that for the same price is better a classic wallet (LV, Chanel, Gucci) ?
    Lilac Compagnon.jpg
  2. I have two Compagnon's ... one in Black and the other in Bordeaux. I find them very useful (especially as they zipper up), however, I would have to say that you can't beat Louis Vuitton ... they (L/V) seem to last FOREVER. I've had some of their wallets for 20+ years (some were from my Aunt's estate ... those are over 30+ years old, and they still look great!).
  3. Agree with CeeJay- LV wallets last atleast 20 years. The only thing about LV is some of the threading comes loose after many years of use.
  4. I've never seen a Compagnon before! Cute! I also like the name--which means "companion." That would be a good name for a handbag!

    I'm assuming these wallets come in assorted colours like the bags--how fun!

    I vote for the Compagnon! (In case you hadn't guessed that already! :biggrin: )
  5. I think it looks really cute! For the kind of money though, I would rather buy a Chanel wallet. Lots of people like to match their bags and wallets though, and I am more a fan of having a little of everything.
  6. :yes: me too.
  7. i think the compagnon wallet is cute... but i'd probably buy an LV wallet... good luck with what you decide!
  8. I will take the bwallet any day over the LV wallet.
  9. I like the Compagnon wallet, it's a bit more unusual, and definitely harder to get then the LV. The leather on the wallets is amazing and they are great for travel.
  10. i have the compagnon and simply love it. it has lots of compartments and slots. it's huge and works nice as a clutch too.
  11. i love this wallet for the same reason... I can use it also as a clutch...

    Thanks for all the answers...:heart:
  12. I have just bought a Lilac Compagnon from
    They usually don't accept credit card for international orders but they did it in order to avoid Western Union Fees...
    They are really kind!!
  13. how much is that in english pounds? does anyone know??
  14. I have paid 711 AU $ ( with 30$ of shipping)= 540$. ;)

    I have also asked of this wallet to Balenciaga NY, 595$ for the compagnon + 60$ for shipping overseas.:mad:
  15. It is about $235 in pounds (US $525) I love mine!