Compact zippy wallet


Mar 14, 2012
Hi Ladies,

I would like to find out from those who own the zippy compact wallet, if it can hold A LOT of receipts and papers in it and some cash as well without having to fold it.

Right now I am using my cles for the credit cards and mini pochette for the receipts and paperwork and it is fine. But I would like to invest in a good quality piece which can hold it all.
Also that back pocket seems to be quite deep and I wonder if it will be easy to find the certain receipt or I would have to take them all out.

I also like the zippy wallet, but it seems a little heavy and large. The Sarah wallet seems to get good reviews. The Emilie wallet can hold a lot, but I am not sure about the quality.

I have never had any of those styles and these are expensive items, so I am afraid to make a mistake.

Thank you for your opinions!


Haters suck
Aug 31, 2008
I would like to find out as well as I'm planning to buy one in Epi. I'd checked out the Mono and DE, but I want something with color.