Compact zipped wallets - question?


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Nov 24, 2005
For those who have any of the LV compact zipped wallets, how do they fit in pochettes? Do they take up too much room? I would like to get the groom, but I don't know if I would be better off with a ludlow style instead. I have been using my cles but need a little more room. TIA


Feb 12, 2006
There's no way it would fit in a pochette, unfortunately. I have one in mono and it's compact, but still a good-sized wallet, especially if you carry a lot of change. You might be better off with a Ludlow. I'm attaching a picture of mine- this is the wallet you're referring to, right?


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Oct 13, 2006
think it could fit, but it will most likely 'deform' the pochette, like make it extra thick and the zipper won't close straight. Compact zipped wallet's thickness is wayyyy thicker than what pochette's, KWIM? I was thinking about getting the 'compact zipped wallet' for pochette too, but after playing around in store, SA helped me get 3 cles instead, which i am much happier. one for keys, one for CC&ID, and one for paper $+coins, make it much easier for me, and more fun as i can clip any cles to my jeans and just go.
Since you mention you wanted the Groom compact zipped wallet, it cost 540, but you can definitely get some cute cles! Groom/Vernis cles runs 200, Damier/Mono Cles runs 150 each, and Perfo Cles runs 215 each, it's much easier for me personally to have 3 separate(3LV vs 1!! lol), and I get to have little bit of different lines, but that's just me. Whatever suits your lifestyle best is what you should go for, have fun!


Mar 2, 2006
I have the Groom but it pretty much stuffs the pochettes. It FITS but I can't really fit anything else in there.
But instead of the Ludlow, I'd go with a billfold. They're a lot flatter and you have more card and money space. I have the Ludlow in vernis and it's just too tiny for my use..I love it but it's too much of a pain to fold my money up and shove my cards in that one.


Jul 2, 2006
i never use my compact zip wallet when i carry the pochette coz there isn't any room left for anything else if i want to zip it up nicely without it looking out of shape. i will use a cles or card holder or ludlow with the pochette.