Commuting to and from work shoes?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Since the weather is getting cooler (here on the east coast in NYC), I was wondering what kind of shoes/sneakers you all wear communing to and from work. I commute in Flip flops in the summer time, then put my heels on when I get to work, but in the fall I wear my gym sneakers (ala “working Girl” movie :shame:smile:.

    So that I can stop looking like Melanie Griffin in “Working Girl”, what do you guys wear?
  2. riding boots.
  3. Ballet flats or boots
  4. Lanvin flats!
  5. Flats!
  6. Ballet Flats that can be rolled up into my bag :smile:
  7. Tory Burch flats or lately I've just been walking in my heels
  8. flats for me too!
  9. a pair of simple, lightweight ballet flats that won't take up too much space or be heavy at all in your bag when you're not wearing them.
  10. My TB Revas & MbMJ mouse flats have been in heavy rotation for commutes lately
  11. Sue London flats are the best for this purpose...they're thinly soled ballet flats that fold up into the included pouch, perfect for stowing away in a purse or keeping in the car.
  12. I can't wear flats because my suit pants will drag, so I wear a comfortable stacked heel for walking (Franco Sarto). Or a Taryn Rose oxford with a very thick lug sole.

    But, I don't have to walk far. I would love to hear other ideas for comfortable, elevated walking shoes.
  13. I wear my sperry boatshoes. Just as comfortable as sneakers, less Working Girl.
  14. OP - i live in nyc and i wear my sneakers to/from work so i don't have to carry an extra pair of shoes if/when i go to the gym. i also have evening class so sneakers makes it much easier for me.
  15. boots & flats