Commuting pet peeves

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  1. Okay, maybe I'm just crazy, but I have some big pet peeves about taking the Metro to work everyday. Although DC commuters tend to be more polite (I went to school in NY, so that is the only other basis of comparison that I have), here are the things that bother me:

    ---People who crowd the door when there is clearly room in the middle of the train
    ---People who sit on the inside asking you to move so they can get out while the train is still in motion
    ---People who "lean" on the bars when it's a packed train (it's particularly annoying to me because I can't reach the bars up top)
    ---People who rest their books, newpapers on the handrail of the seat in front of them when it's a packed car and there is nowhere else to grab onto

    See, I am crazy. Do any of you have commuting pet peeves, whether by car, bus, or train?
  2. Oh I feel for you...even though I don't have to take mass transit to work...commuting in the car is worse I think!

    --Slow people on two-lane roads (I'm always stuck behind a cement truck, a dump truck or a beer truck!!! sigh)
    --People who try to sneak in on long lines
    --People talking on cell phones driving 50 mph in the fast lane!
    tail gaters
  3. I don't like people who crowd the front when they aren't getting off anytime soon. That and people who talk really loud (like LOUD loud).
  4. Out of the three trucks you mentioned, I'd like to be behind the beer truck :P

    I drive to work. I live about 20 miles from my job, but it takes me 40 minutes to get there :suspiciou My pet peeves are:

    - People who sit at a light, especially a left turn lane, when the arrow turns green. It's called a gas pedal. Use it.
    - People who let 449032 people in front of them, in rush hour. Letting 2 or 3 people in is fine, but not the entire city of Orlando.
    - People who don't put their turn signals on and make a sharp right (!!!!!!) This really bothers me.
    - People who slow down to 10 mph when they're going through the E-Pass lanes on the toll road I take to work. It clearly says "DO NOT SLOW DOWN"

    There are probably a million more I can think of.

    Ugh :suspiciou
  5. I have an issue with people who cross the road when the crosswalk tells them NOT to. Then I miss my turn/light, and it becomes a viscious cycle of sitting still and being pissed. I hate getting pissed at it, but I sure do!
  6. I take the subway... my pet peeve is people whose vocabulary seems to consist of about 50 words, heavily weighted toward four-letter ones, which they then use creatively and consistently in front of all the little kids whose parents are taking them to school or daycare...
  7. My commuting pet peeves:

    - people that don't change lanes when I give them space to come in
    - unnecessary high beaming
  8. Driving while talking on a cell phone,even if they are wearing a headset.Shut that damn thing off and concentrate on traffic for christ sakes.:mad:
  9. Commuting:
    - In the tube, I don't understand those men come in and sit down next to you with their legs wide open as if they have something big between their legs to obstruct them from closing. By doing so, they push you to shrink up so they can take up more space.
    - the bus/tram driver clearly sees you running towards the bus/tram, it looks like he's waiting, but closes the door and takes off right at the moment you arrive in front of it.

    Driving: my husband bugging me at the passanger sit.
  10. I take the Muni train to work every day here in SF and I totally feel for you SuLi. I always try to be as courteous as possible when I ride the train, but a lot of people don't get it. The worst offenses are

    -- leaning your whole body on the pole. I always want to say "that is for everyone to use, not just you." Or I just grab the pole anyway and maybe dig my nail into their back.

    -- The one I hate the most is the people who BARGE into the train when the doors open without letting people get off first. God help you if you get in my way when I am trying to exit the train because I have no compunction about shoulder-blocking you.
  11. I go to work at 6:30am so there is no traffic and it's only 8 miles. I think I have it good :smile:
  12. try sitting behind a chicken truck...*shudder* poor chickens.

    usually the only problems i encounter are jaywalkers because Athens is a college town and people walk everywhere. occassionally i have to supress the urge to not hit the break and mow some ******* down, but usually said ******* is on his cell phone and would have deserved it.
  13. OMG! That is exactly what I mean! It's so rude!
  14. hmm, i use to get really mad at people not using their indicators... but now i dont even drive to work - i walk! But i don't like it when cars don't stop for me every morning on the zebra, they just drive on through when they're suppose to stop! AND i've almost been killed crossing the road due to a one way street and cars sneaking up the wrong way! But i'm glad to say there's a police officer who there now stopping people! AND biggest peeve: the RAIN! (hehe)
  15. -Nast dirty men who engaged in conversations with me on the train. Or people in general making conversation for no reason.
    -The bum who takes uo 6 seats on the train during rush hour get no penalty but a woman coming home from grocery shopping and no one is on the train and she gets a ticket for taking up more than one seat and the train was empty.

    -When people are driving in traffic and reading a contract and talking on the cell phone at the same time. Its annoying they aren't paying attention and causing more traffic.
    -women who put on makeup while driving. I am not talking about lipstick. I am talking about mascara and eyeshadow.
    -people who are in the left lane and stop at the light during the green and then turn on the left signal. First stop then signal, i dont think so. First signal so we don't have to stay behind him.
    -when cops who stop me for going 41!!! in a 25 changing to 35 zone when everyone else is also going 40 because it was one of the nicer cars on the road!!!