Commuter Purse

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  1. I am a new graduate, and looking for a corporate job in the city. In addition to that, I'm looking for a handbag to go with it! I love Kate Spade and have several pieces already.

    The bag would be traveling by train every day, should be able to hold everything I'll need from 7am-7pm. I'm thinking a harmony tote, in black. Not sure if I can stick to small or if I need the medium.

    Edited to add that I'm also considering a Cedar Street Maise, but I'm not sure if it's big enough for what I'm looking for. I like the idea of being able to fit a tablet, folders, etc into it along with all of the make up, perfume rollerballs and granola bars it takes to keep me going throughout the day!

    I would appreciate any suggestions and input!
  2. I've the Medium Harmony and absolutely love it. I own a Michael Kors and a Tory Burch tote too, very similar styles, however the Kate Spade has held up the best plus it's comfortable to carry all day and to commute with. I can easily fit my 13" MBP, wallet, water bottle, sunglasses and makeup pouch.
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  3. I love the Cedar Street Maise, and it can fit a tablet, but I think if any folders were put in it they would get bent. Good luck choosing!
  4. It's not KS, but... Have you seen the Dagne Dover totes? Similar aesthetic to KS but has room for every.single.thing you'd need for probably 24 hours...

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  5. I wouldn't really recommend a Maise for your commuter needs, it's rather "small" to fit in all you need (even though technically the tablet fits in dimensions, all your stuff would be too tight). The harmony is a great tote, I have one that I use a lot as my work bag and it's very roomy (it fits my mac so that's a plus)
  6. I have a medium harmony, maise, and Hayden bag. The harmony is great for commuting but I have actually found it to be too large at times. The maise is way too small though. I would recommend the Cedar street Hayden - it's the perfect size and very versatile. It can totally fit a tablet and folders but not a laptop like the harmony. All three are great though so there's no bad choice!
  7. I was wondering if you have decided for one as I am currently in the search for a new work bag, and I am debating between the harmony tote and the cedar street maise. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. I have both bags, and I have only used my harmony tote as a work bag. It goes on trains with me and it's quite tough, so it someone pushes past they're not going to scratch the material. It also has more than enough room to carry all the stuff I need, whereas the Maise doesn't. I'd recommend the harmony.
    Another bag that I also use for commuting is the Wellesley Rachelle, which is smaller to the harmony but similar in shape to the Maise. It is in between the two in terms of how much stuff it can carry, but would be good if you get on jam-packed trains and feel that the harmony tote might be too big.
  9. Thanks for your recommendation I am leaning more towards the harmony tote, as it is bigger than the Maise.The only thing that I am a little hesitant on is I don't know if it is heavy once I add all of my stuff in it. Would you say you find it heavy at all or to bulky?
  10. I don't think it's particularly heavy. Also it has feet on the bottom so you can set it down on the floor if you get tired and it won't get dirty. You can always go to the store and try it on.
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  11. Definitely go with the Harmony. I don't find it gets heavy because it has nice thick, sturdy straps for a tote unlike many other totes that dig in when they're full. I used mine in university to commute and it was probably my favourite tote!