Community Service, my way.

  1. I reported over 80 fakes to vero! Now it's in eBay's hands and I can only hope they do something about it. I only went through a a little over a page of Chanels under the search term 'Authentic chanel.' I don't think I, or anyone for that matter, could take the sea of fakes that would arise from just typing in Chanel. Over 80 in just a page and a quarter! Amazing and horrifying all at the same time! ..and may I add tiring!
  2. Good job! You probably saved a lot of money for people that would have bought those bags thinking they were real!!!!
  3. That's Awesome. I noticed when I report bags some are pulled, but some are not. I do believe out of the 80, many will be pulled.
  4. Good for you! It really gets annoying trying to sort through all the fakes at BIN $69.99 just to get to the one or two stuck in the middle of all that mess that are really authentic. Thank you for spending your time doing that....I think I'll follow your example next time I'm on eBay (actually might be in the next few minutes!)

    I have an idea, why doesn't eBay have a separate forum for fakes? Well, I guess there would be some kind of liability....
  5. Yay! I can't STAND people who sell//buy//carry around fake designer stuff. Good job!
  6. wow, thats hardcore... good job! and thanks!
  7. Hi Shopmom,

    Actually, e-bay does. If you go into the community they have a handbag forum and, for example, if you type in Chanel, you will see the forum. Actually, its pretty informative, and I have picked up alot of good advise. P.S. Half way saved up for the bag!!!
  8. that's awesome!! great job!
  9. Michelle, you are too funny....that bag has your name on it.