Communication DSRs

  1. Just a quick question about the DSRs. I know that if there is no "communication", then that section is not rateable. I am wondering how it works if a buyer contacts the seller and gets no response. Do they not answer and thus protect the stars? Or, if a buyer sends a message, does that open it up? I emailed my seller and have not received an answer yet (no the answer is not in their listing). I am happy to give them to time to respond, but it made me wonder.
    Thank you!
  2. Did you buy it yet? It is for after sales.
  3. Yes, I did purchase already. I just had a question and, now, wonder if maybe they will simply not answer cuz of the stars. Thanks!
  4. Look at the transaction details and contact her through the e-mail address. See if that works.
  5. Good idea!