Common Sense

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  1. Hee Hee look at Bill Gates :smile:
  2. what you mean by "can't afford an education"? here in the US I've met many less educated people and they were sporting gorgeous authentic bags, Cartier rings and Constantin Vaucheron watches I can only dream on now
  3. Honestly, that's a very shallow assumption that you can spot a fake by looking at the persons overall style. I usually wear $20 training pants, a tank top, and a huuuuge oversized jacket too school, but I also carry one of my gucci-totes (both of my totes cost more than $1000), and I do know that people might think they are fakes, but they're not. However, I do understand that people do think they are fake based on the other parts of my outfit, but that's just a good proof that you mustn't let apperance fool you. I used to go to school with a girl which was always perfectly made up and had nice clothes (not really expensive tough), and she had lots of fake LV's, so if someone put us two together and asked someone to point out who's wearing the fake, then it would probably have been me:P
    Oh, now I feel that I'm ranting away, but I just really wanted to get this off my heart - if you want a simple solution on spotting a fake, get educated, and then you might be in for a shock;)
  4. I am not an expert on fake bags, but I have a simple solution for spotting a fake in public. If a girl looks like she can't afford an education and she's wearing a $1000 bag, you just have to chuckle. You know what I'm talking about when you see them.

    Wow, I hope your closet is equivalent to the handbags you carry for you to make a statement like this.
  5. Sometimes i do go out without brushing my hair, with my LV purse. To the park, after a very bad fight with hubby.
    DOesn't mean that my purse is fake. Doesn't mean that i am poor.

    I really wonder how young are you? That was a really shallow statement.
  6. The first post is kinda dumb...sorry I don't get what is the point?!
  7. I'm assuming there was no point cos they didn't follow through with their comments.....:suspiciou :nuts:

  8. Very well put!!
  9. a very sad and negative first post... i wonder if ignorance is bliss??
  10. I could go on and on but you have all said everything I have thought and more!
  11. I love designer stuff for their design yet I know a lot of people who buy it because it's a designer good. I mean I got this gucci leather bag which does not scream gucci or even look at me, but I love it for what it is. A friend asked me why I would spend that kind of money to buy a gucci when people won't know it's a gucci, I said well it's all in the quality. Converted designer bags are the best in my opinion because someone who doesn't know much about brands won't know it and well other people who do would appreciate it. I think for me buying bags is just one of those things that I love and it's not affected by the no. of fakes or if people think it's a fake. If you love it then you do...