Common Sense

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  1. Money doesn't buy class or taste.Someone that could afford to buy everything on E-lux at one time,could still look tacky and cheap if they don't have "it".
  2. ah, this chick will never be back. she's just getting people riled up (and i'm not particularly impressed by her attempt).

    either that or she's just too stupid to learn to spot real bags, which isn't particularly impressive either.
  3. not sure about you but i have to kids at home that i have to drive to school every morning.. I have no desire to get showered /makeup/hair and dressed to drive them to school.. but I do however run into tim hortons for coffee and have my lv wallet.. i'm not the riches person in town but my wallet isnt fake.:biggrin:

    I dont live in the biggest house on the block and I dont drive a benz either but my car is paid for and all my bags are Authentic.:biggrin:

    I dont wear designer jeans but I also dont shop at walmart.. doesnt make me better or less of a person then the next, Or do i assume the person wearing the designer jeans is carrying an authentic bag .. :weird: Should I mention again my bags arent fake.

    today i'm wearing my velour lazy pants(juicy style if you will) and a t-shirt my hair is tied in a knot and runners on... off to the grocery store i go with my denim in hand.. did I mention by bag isnt fake..:smile:

    Its about me enjoying my bag :love: and knowing my money didnt pay for sweat shop labour and guns. It makes me feel good about me that I have an authentic handbag and I enjoy carrying it.:love:

    Thats just my 2 cents

  4. :weird: :blink:
  5. I have met the worst dressed people and they have millions. You cannot judge anyone by apperance, so sad to see someone thinks that way.
  6. Here in NorCal there are people who are gazillionaires, walking around without their hair brushed. I just purchased an authentic LV on ebay, it is very possible.
  7. Troll.
  8. I quadruple that.
  9. That's pretty sad if you actually believe your own BS.
  10. Here here!!!
  11. Godiva- Maybe u are too honest to your feeling for this web board.
    But I do believe ppl can speak freely what they feel.
    To think different it doesn't mean u not normal.
    But one thing I never do is to judge ppl.
  12. I don’t think Godive meant to offend anyone it’s just that her only taste is in her mouth.:hrmm:
  13. Wow ... this is what you chose to say for your first post .... very sad.
  14. I agree. If she was really trying to make some people get defensive with this post or something of the sort...she did a not-so-good job
  15. This doesn't really hold a whole lot of water when you consider we have pictures posted on this very site of celebrities (who can definitely afford authentic bags) carrying fakes.