common problem: where to put your bags when dining/going out...

  1. ive noticed a lot of us are having to put down napkins or steal an extra seat for our mj bags when dining/going out...and i think ive found the perfect solution...
  2. ^There have been lots of threads about this..I know a lot of ladies here have the purse-pals and rave about them..others put them on their own chair etc....Personally I just hang mine on my knee..Are you getting one?
  3. ...oh, i should have searched past threads before posting that. i thought for sure i discovered something new! no, i dont think ill be buying one, but my bags are usually super heavy and i dont think the purse pal would hold it. and i usually just steal a seat for my bag. ;)
  4. ^ No biggie...I just thought if you wanted some more opinions you could find them..I don't have one or plan on getting one either...for the simple reason that I don't want to hear DH's comments about it lol!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. yeah im sure i'd get a lot of flack about it too. hah. it is kind of silly...:yahoo:
  6. I read that some version can support a purse weighing up to 30 pounds! While I personally carry some heavy bags, I don't think I can ever imagine a handbag supporting that much weight!
  7. I have one of these - it works well, but DH thinks I'm nuts to not put my bag down, so I cant use it when I'm out with him, he gets really embarrased!
  8. I try to snag a seat for my bag but when I'm in a crowded restaurant with no extra chairs to spare, I hang it off my chair or rest it in my lap (if the chair's back is rounded for example, I have to put it in my lap because it won't stay put).

    I don't think I'll get the hook because I already catch enough flak about my bag buying.
  9. Oh, I want one. When I visited Brazil this year, I set my bag on the floor at a reataurant because there was no extra chair to set it on, and the Maitre D came running over and picked up my bag immediately and hung it on one of these babies on the edge of the table and said in a super thick accent "ladies do not have the bags on the floor...". Besides feeling like a big dummy, I said to my husband "I need one of those!!!". I have not seen one since.
    Thanks so much, Tuffcookie, for the link. I can tell you all from my experience, they work great. Also the bag hangs away from you and does not get in the way or bump you. I don't really care if people think it looks silly... My lighter-colored leather bags will thank me!
    Ooooh, I do want one....
  10. I either put it on another seat, the back of my seat, behind me, or in my lap. I just showed the boy and asked if he would make fun of me if I used one of these. He gave me the "are you frickin kidding me" look and laughed at me. :p

    I still want one though, people already know I'm an OCD germaphobe, so using one of these is pretty much expected from me. :lol:
  11. I seriously need to get one of those.... they look so useful!!
  12. your welcome :smile:
  13. It does seem so practical but then it's one more thing for me to remember to bring out! I usually just put it behind me on the seat, in an extra chair or hang it off of the back of my chair if I am sitting facing the wall. Thanks for the link, it seems like a really helpful product for all of us purse obsessed people!
  14. lol my mjs and lvs and chloe and coach's have their own seat, trying to give them equal treatment so no one complains
  15. love this thread! need to get one of those!
    interestingly when we were in las vegas staying at the Bellagio, i sat down at a table to gamble in a nice comfy seat, handed money to the dealer for chips and he handed me chips and a custom hook for my bag! i didn't know what it was but before i knew it another dealer was walking by and slipped it on to the side of the gambling table and they put my drink in the holder next to it!i was in heaven! lol

    i am sooo new to MJ and MBMJ but just got my first two will post them asap! thanks for welcoming me!