Common for kisslocks???

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  1. Happy Fourth of July to everyone !!!!
    Just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing a problem with the kisslock on the penelope patent blue wallet?? I noticed yesterday the "brass" is wearing away every time you open the change purse....uggg. I totally love this I send it in?? Go to the boutique and see if they can find me another?? I don't want this to continually happen if they do replace it.. Thanks

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  2. I have this same wallet and I have not experienced this issue yet... I change out my wallets a lot...

    I purchased mine at the outlet so the boutique prob do not have it any more but coach has a life time guarrantee on their hardware. They might cont this as normal wear and tear.

    It is alway a good idea to take it in to see what Coach can do...
  3. Thanks COACH ADDICT.. it's funny that it's only about 3 weeks of my first 20% off purchases :P and it's not like I let my kids open and close it constantly ...LOL..their little paws are off limits on all coach products in my house heheeh
  4. If the wallet is that new I would contact Coach and see what they say. IMO 3 weeks is too soon for normal wear and tear to begin to degrade the hardware.
  5. My pink pearl parker wallet, with rosegold turnlock did that. My SA saw when I was getting my wallet out and they exchanged it on the spot!
  6. I have three purses with kisslocks that I've been using for about a year now, rotating, and looked at all three and they have no signs of wear on them at all. I have one that opens by itself? sometimes, but no wear signs.
  7. Thanks for all the info..I think when I hit my mall again, I'll take it to the boutique...I hope they can find me one...I really love her
  8. That definitely should not be happening after 3 weeks! Good luck when you go to your boutique.
  9. Just a quick update...I went to my boutique and showed the SA my wallet and told her I just purchased at the outlet only about 3 weeks ago and look what was happening to the kisslock...That SA called over the manager who proceeded to tell me I have to take it back to the outlet I purchased it at and they can see if I can get another or just give me the amount back I paid for it...does that sound right..I mean, I can't see why she would not be able to locate one for me and just damage it out??? Another SA at that boutique did it for me when my op art resort wristlet started to get pulls ...any thoughts..should I just call Jax tom???
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    those wallets are no longer in the boutiques; and much of the penelope line is no longer available which is probably why she couldn't damage it for you. It couldn't hurt to call jax and see if they can find one. the wallet is cute; i had my eye on the green one. i hope it works out for you. maybe if you take it back to the outlet they could further discount it for you? good luck
  11. Thanks for the info mjtsnoop...the funny thing is the manager didn't offer to damage it out or look it up to see if there were any left..I wouldn't mind trying the outlet..but it's about 1 1/2 away and I have been there almost every weekend for the extra 20% and I think my DH will divorce me if I tell him I'm going to return a wallet...LOL..I'll try JAX in the morning Thanks