Common Fashion "faux pas" that men do ?

  1. You know the ones that make you cringe:yucky: ....a lot worst than women fashion mistakes I found. Being at work and looking around made me want to start this one !!:p
    You know the common mistakes only, if some men read us...please....

    -Jeans too short and pulled up too high
    -Trousers 2 sizes too small
    -Pull over tucked into the trousers
    -White running trainers, the worst is to go clubbing with them !!
    -Bermudas/shorts (above knee)
    -wearing sandals with socks
    -the bum bag (or fannypack)
    -Mixing patterns (checked shirt with other pattern pullover)
    -white socks
    -wearing beige head to toe
    .....feeling better
  2. short socks, so when men sit down you can see the end of the socks and the leg skin...
  3. Layering a checkered shirt over a striped tee. Not that its common but I once saw a guy who did that. Yikes!

    Pants so loose that we wonder if they are going to fall down any moment

    Bermudas, with those awful dirty looking sandals, worse with socks

    Keeping long hair when they have thin hair to begin with. It makes them look like they are balding....

    skinny jeans on men just don't cut it for me, sorry. Never saw a guy pull that off.


    Oh yes, and some guys like to wear boxers that pulled up wayyyy too high!
  4. my dad is a walking fashion disaster. he isnt the skinnyest man so he looks really bad when he tucks EVERYTHING into his trousers and then tightens his belt. white socks with everything. bomber jackets that make him look pregnant. trainers with everything, or bowling style shoes that look like you got them from your orthopeodic doctor.
  5. Too tight suits and shirts. You're first suit doesen't fit 40 kg later. >_<

    Ugly old give-away promotional T-shirts tucked tightly in hjeans.
  6. "Mandals"....ugly, strappy velcro-ed sandals. :yucky: :push:
  7. I have to agree on the mixing patterns. Also mismatching their belt and shoes.
  8. Head to toe denim! Drives me crazy.
  9. I can't stand to see a man wear adult sized 'BUSTER BROWN' shoes!...LOL

    I love when a man shoes some style and class with his shoes.
  10. Sandals of almost any variety, except when on vacation. Sometimes flip-flops are ok, but so many men (almost all) have disgusting feet! I don't want to see that!
  11. -a white t-shirt under a dress shirt that isn't buttoned
    -baggy clothes
    -athletic shoes with nice outifts
    - Huge necklaces that come down to the belly button with a pendant bigger than their head
  12. sweater vest tuck in pants...
  13. not cutting the tag on the sleeve on suits [the one with the designer's name on it]... kind of a small thing, but it annoys the HELL outta me!
  14. Wearing black with navy (black sweater with navy slacks, for example, yuck!!)
    Wearing black with something that's faded black.
    Old, worn out shoes.
  15. OMG, ROFLMAO and PMP!!