Common fake Chanel bag?

  1. Which style of the Chanel bags are widely being copied? In my area, I see mostly fake cambon tote in black with white CC. I see teenage girls with either really pale pink cambon tote . I rarely see the pochette or the bowler style being copied.
  2. i usually see fake cambon totes too, but the other day, i did see a fake cambon bowler with the CCs slightly off.
  3. Cambons, Classic Flaps and bags that Chanel has never made are the 3 I see most commonly.
  4. Cambons and flaps. I esp. love the Cambons carried by the younger women/teens that are in, um, INTERESTING color combos (ones that chanel NEVER did).

    My favorite was a bright turquise bag w/orange and hot pink double c's. The handles were knoted every couple of inches along the entire length. But the best part was this young lady (under 18) telling her gf's that "of course it was real. I bought it with my mom at (wait for it)...Norman Marcus's shop" :roflmfao: . And her GF's went "ooh, that's a really expensive place, right?". Oh, I loved it. :rolleyes: :smile:
  5. fake flap? oh, mine, how do they look like, hope not like the real one?
  6. I agree, cambon is the one I see the most of. Although I'm not educated well enough in Chanel yet to be able to tell the real from the fake just by looking. I've heard it's the most widely copied style though.
  7. There are SO many fake Chanels around here especially in the summer! I usually see totes, hardly ever any flaps.
  8. I agree, the Cambon Totes. So a girl at the mall with a real bad fake one last night.:yucky:
  9. fake cambon~~But its really easy to tell a real cambon and a fake cambon...So many girl in my school carry a fake Chanel...I just feel sick and they even proud of themself carrying a "CHANEL". GOSH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ITs totally fake and its just not right...
  10. Cambon..they are horrendous fakes...they make me not wanna carry cambon.
  11. There Is A Lot Out There! Cambon!!!!

    But, That Shouldn't Stop You...You Spent A Lot Of Money On THese Beautiful Bags. Enjoy Some Of The Most Beautiful Bags Ever!!!!!!!:heart:
  12. Lots of Cambon from what I can see. Had to recently sit in a train waiting room with some young American teen girl and her big ol' pink fake Cambon. I clutched mine tightly for fear the fakeness might spread...
  13. lol ^^^^^ I know what you mean. I get embarrassed in case anyone might think mine is fake. Most people who know me know that theres no way in hell id touch a fake but some of the cambons are hard to tell unless u examine it carefully.

    There's lots of ''inspired'' cambons around too with OO instead of CC. :yucky:
  14. i hate the fake cambon totes! so many girls i know have fake ones, which makes it hard for me to get a real one, because people wil assume its fake.
    but i love it too much!
  15. Classic Flaps. in many different colors.