Common Ebay story

  1. I'm sure everyone has heard a similar story. I bought a Gucci on eBay for $400, only to realize that it was fake when I got it. And it wasn't even the same bag she advertised on her site!!!!! I'm so pissed. I'm a student and I saved for this and can't believe I blew that much money on a fake. What's worse, I contacted the seller as soon as I got the bag, knowing that she offered a full refund. she never contacted me back. I kept emailing her to no avail b/c she never emailed me back,a nd when I requested her contact information, her name was completely different to the name on the package she sent me. Also, I went to leave her a negative rating today, and you know what? she's selling the SAME bag for the SAME price under the SAME name. Her userid is tusckancat. Please stay away from her! I've opened disputes with both paypal and eBay, but I honestly think this is just a lost cause.
  2. Did you pay using a CC? Maybe you can call up your CC company and get them to do a chargeback. You should probably just call them anyway to find out where you stand

  3. Lets all report her item as counterfeit!
    As it is!!

    Everyone lets do it!
  4. Are u sure u spelled her user id correctly?
    I cannot find her.
  5. If she doesn't respond to the dispute within 10 days (I think), paypal will automatically side with you and you'll get your money back. But do make sure you file a dispute with your credit card company.

    For future purchases, before you buy, post the auction in the authenticate this thread of any brand. We'll tell you whether it's real or not and hopefully save you a lot of hassle!
  6. More than 80% of Gucci stuffs on ebay are fakes ( good fakes )
  7. if you paid through paypal or cc, you should be able to get your money back b/c you reported it as soon as you recieved the bag. don't give up. just be on top of it everyday. that seller is still there selling more fake items. save all your emails and transactions between you and the seller. don't worry, she can't get away. continue to contact her and also request for her contact information. it's very common for sellers to use a different name in ebay and on the packaging. i bought a fake bag from ebay once, and i would not give up. i had to get my money back no matter what. and i did! i even got the seller to pay for my shipping b/c i did not want to spend not even one dime on that fake bag.
  8. I keep reporting it and it's still up!
  9. This sucks, and eBay is still not doing anything about those auctions and the seller. So sorry to hear. I hope you can get your money back soon!
  10. gro can u tell me what is the procedure to report a seller is there a link or option u have to use ? i feel a big nasty wave of need to report after reading all those posts! :nuts:
  11. Sure!
    Pull up the item number.
    At the very bottom of the screen there's a link "report this item"
    Click on it and follow the instructions.

    I use the email ebay option at the end.

  12. YESSS!!! Thank you so much ! :yahoo: now lets get to work!:supacool:

  13. oh gosh i feel so lame...what do u mean by pulling the item number up? i can only see it in the right top corner and its not clickable or anything...thx! sorry for being a pain :crybaby: