Commodore Question


The K Is Silent
Apr 23, 2007
Boringsville, USA
I should be asking myself this question, I suppose but I'm thinking I didn't keep my Commodore long enough to figure it out. I noticed something last weekend when I was at Off 5th. I tried on the Rasta Commodore and found the top of the strap to be very pliable. It sat on my shoulder very comfortably. I didn't walk around the store with it because it was attached to one of those electronic monitors and I couldn't find an SA. The store was very busy and I'd already decided on the Checkerboard Exeter anyway. Then I tried on the Ombre Checkerboard Commodore and it wasn't very comfortable at all. I didn't mold to my shoulder…it was very stiff, almost like sitting a hard cover book on top of my shoulder.

My question is for those who bought and kept the Commodore. Did your straps become softer the more you carried the bag? I'm wondering if I'd kept my Rasta Commodore and just toughed it out through the slippage period if maybe it would've eventually softened and molded to my shoulder? But I don't know maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong….I need some first-hand opinions.

Veni Vidi Vici

L♥ A♥ M♥ B♥
Feb 7, 2008
I don't have a commodore but I wonder if the quality of the bags is changing and then changing back, like the feet on the mandeville. It's just weird. From good to bad and then better? hopefully. Maybe the leather is also different, it should mold to your shoulder..I would think but like I said I don't have a commodore.
Feb 4, 2008
I've only used my commodore once so I'm not much help as the leather has not 'molded' to my shoulders yet. But, once I have all my stuff inside, it does not slip off. I guess the more stuff you have in it, the slippage problem shouldn't happen.


Jun 26, 2007
I carry my commodore all the time, I carried it to work today...even though I have one with a patent leather shoulder strap it definitely has molded around my shoulder in the last few weeks. I also think that there is a little cushion inside the strap on the underside which of course makes it more comfortable to carry (I'm thinking that the regular leather straps probably don't have this). The only thing that this bag ever hangs off of is my shoulder, I don't like hanging it off of things because I don't want the shape of the strap to get screwed up. So yes I would say that the strap has definitely molded to my shoulder over time.