Committed a dumb PC mistake! ARGH

  1. Hello ya all,

    I'm very nervous about this and sitting here on my pc hoping that minimal damage has been done.

    I did something stupid.....

    I downloaded a file from a site. i tried to be extra careful and had it scanned by AVG anti virus and sent it to myself via yahoo so the norton anti virus would scan it and both read ok.

    So i opened the darn thing.

    I deleted it after viewing it and here's where it gets fun...

    my pc tells me i can't delete it because it wasn't saved properly. and thankfully (if you can call it that), my stupidity made me saved it in an external harddrive, not the main PC. BUt all my multi media is in this harddrive!

    SO now all my folders in the multi media harddrive say EMPTY:wtf:

    NOW i have a problem. so i try to search for the file and delete it and there is no such file in the recycle bin or anywhere in my PC. sigh

    so now i'm scanning my pc. I'm really nervous it's one of those programs that steals your passwords for all your online accts. YEEKS!! :sad:

    anyway i'm sitting here waiting for the anti virus scan to finish. really worried!! please send good vibes and any simple tec advice .... thanks!!:sweatdrop:
  2. I am useless at these things but good luck!:yes:
  3. I'm not very good at this either. I know it's obvious but did you check the Recycle Bin? Good luck!!
  4. I feel for you. This sucks. Do you have The Geek Squad in your area? They may be able to come out and help.
  5. Hey Gals, thanks for the well wishes, i'm sitting here as the pc is running the check. i'm afraid if i leave the pc, everything will be gone when i come back!!

    Hey Melly thanks for the link. I'm not so concerned about trying to recover the file. I"mactually worried that my pc has been infected by a virus/hacker because i downloaded that file... sigh. it's very strange that the file cannot be found. it may have morphed and released the hacker/virus files when i opened it...

    I promise my pc never to do something stupid like that again...
  6. Oops, I guess I didn't read that right. :shame:

    I've had a lot of luck removing viruses & spyware on infected PCs with Trend Micro Pc-cillin and Spy Sweeper. Norton just isn't reliable enough. Good luck!!
  7. hope this isn't too late...

    you can use SYSTEM RESTORE (accessories - system tools - system restore).

    As the name says, it will restore your pc to a key point in the past (windows should do this automatically once a month).
    It doesn't always work and of course anything you did between the restore point and today will probably be lost but there's no harm in trying; plus if you "mess up" you can always un-do it.
    Another option is go get an anti virus which comes with a system restore option (more powerful than the windows one since it "brings back" deleted files). I think Norton does this.

    Good luck!!!!!!!!

    EDIT: I read your new post... I think you DO need to restore your system to the point when you still had the file, so you can ge rid of it!! Also check your task manager; if you see something "dodgy" google it. If it turns out to be a virus, log off from the internet so they cannot retrieve any sensitive info from your hard drive!
  8. hey Melly and Bambi , thanks for the tips. I'm looking into that right now while overloading my PC and runing anti virus and spybot. At this point i believe you can't use too many anti virus apps!!!

    I'm so worried that someone is going to be able to hack into my accounts... ARGHhhhhh :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    so if you see a thread from me that says I HATE bags you know it's not me!!
  9. Wow that's scary that happened to me once a few years ago I am not computer savvy but I knew something was wrong I called a technician and had my system restored. I hope everything turns out well good luck Bubbles!!!

  10. LOL...
  11. Ok...calm down.. I doubt it's a Spyware program.

    First off, what file did you DL?
  12. hey ya all,

    thanks for the support! I ran multiple anti virus and spyware and rootkit programs. caught a few things. enabled firewall incase there's something i didn't catch. i'm still a little nervous about it but i've calmed down =)

  13. So..what's the verdict? And yeah, always enable your firewall.

    What was the program you downloaded?