Commitment Issues...Who has them?

  1. Once you make that pricey long does it take you to wear those shoes? I know for me it can take a couple of weeks before I can build up the nerve to let them hit the concrete. Anyone else have commitment issues? My husband still laughs when I finally wear them outside...he'll make a statement like "I guess we've decided to keep these one!" Cute and funny all at the same time.:heart:
  2. IKWYM - I still have pricey shoes that I have never worn, not because I plan to return them since the return date has long passed, but just because I view them more as collectors pieces.
  3. Now you have peaked my interest...I would love to see pics of the shoes that you have as collectors pieces...that would be really interesting to add to this thread. :graucho:
  4. Yeah, I have the same issues, sometimes I wear them just around the house and after some time I'll build up the confidence to wear them out, or I'll wear my flats to walk outside and just wear my shoes when am in the office, so I don't have to ruin them. lol.
  5. I do the same thing...around the house then outside.:tup:
  6. I have a tendency to go crazy for fall shopping and I'll buy shoes that just don't can't be debuted at the end of summer - so that's the main reason that I hold off on wearing them.
  7. See...I cant wait to wear them!! I feel bad after I come home and look at the bottom, but it was all worth it!
  8. I do it ALL THE TIME. I just don't know if I'll keep them, but I usually do. I have $3800 Crocodile Manolos I bought over 4 months ago that I haven't even worn yet!
  9. OMG...$3800 Manolos??? They must be fabulous!! (I couldn't bring myself to spend $800 on a gorgeous pair
    I do the "wear around the house thing too...but it deffinitely feels a lot nicer when I get to wear them out. My problem is I live in such a small town, if I got dressed up and wore my shoes around town (or Wal-Mart for that matter) people would surely stare at me like i'd gone mad....heheheh...but I make up for that when I go out of town and into big cities, I pack them all!!
  10. I do this too! Sometimes it takes forever to wear them out because I'm terrified of scuffing them, which I know is silly - shoes are for wearing. I'm getting better at this though, rotating and wearing pairs out "at least once" so I dont feel so guilty. Once I wear them the first time I dont have a problem though. Lately I've been specifically planning to wear a certian pair of shoes on a certain night and I plan my outfit accordingly :p
  11. I wear my new pricey shoes as soon as I have an appropriate outfit or occasion for them and that can be as soon as the very next day or weeks or months. I usually start with wearing them around the house to break them in and then when the right moment comes along they make their debut.
  12. that sounds exactly like me! i recently bought my dream shoes - the CL very prives - and i have them displayed on my desk like some kind of trophy but i just can't bear to wear them out...i hate to ruin the pretty, smooth beautiful red soles! whenever this delays happens between my purchase and actual debut on the street, my SO always laughs at me too and says something to the same effect as your husband....:p
  13. PurseEnthusiast, they're on page 6 in the "Post Your Manolos" section. I might wear them soon... it's getting cold, so I don't have a lot of time left! They were special order
  14. :nuts:omg! Please wear these, they are absolutely gorgeous!!