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  1. Hey everyone I was wondering how much commission Gucci SA's recieve. I was also wondering if a supervisor is higher than a manager at Gucci.

    I went to the Gucci store in Waikiki (Hawaii), before I went there I called ahead if they had a certain messenger bag available it was on the pre-sale list online and the usual Gucci store in Ala Moana had it sold out. The kind SA said it was available and if I wanted to put it on hold I’d have to pay by credit card over the phone. I told her I was going to visit the store tomorrow because I wanted to see it and she said okay. She gave me her name and times to visit her.

    This was my first time buying from the flag-ship store so I was kinda hesitated to go because I was used to going to the boutique in Ala Moana. When I entered I saw a security guard standing and a couple of people in there. No one came up to greet me or ask if I needed anything. I walked around a couple of times and no SA would come up to me so I got frustrated and when up to an SA that was having a conversation with another SA. I asked her if a certain lady was working because I had an appointment with her. When I asked her name she was in shock (like I haven’t seen you here before. You don’t look like the ‘typical’ customer. [I’m also a male and 18 years old]). She rushed to call her and the SA that I talked over the phone came up to me and called me by my name greeting me. She gave me a history of their flag-ship store where it’s the third largest etc. and told me to take my time. She gave me a tour and showed me all the pre-sales they had and told me when the next one was going to be. Other SA’s were looking at me like 'what the ..."? and I was kind of embarrassed because it looked like I was a serious shopper. I also bought a wallet and she gave me her opinions on it. She was even kind enough to bring out chocolates truffles for me to eat while I waited for my order to process. She said these are supposed to be for the weekend but what the heck. This is when the other SA’s eyes just went wide open. I asked for her card and she was kind enough to give it to me and told me that she will contact me when they have new styles and sales. Ohh yeah and the messenger bag, she also put it on hold for me and she told me on the phone that I’d have to pay for it to put it on hold. She was soo nice. It said on her card she was a supervisor too!
  2. I love my SA as well... he's the sales manager and he's the only one i shop with.. hehe - i always call before i go to make sure he's there. i live 45 mins away from the boutique, so i rather go and shop and have him help me, rather than someone else. As far as sales and commission, i've never worked in sales so i don't know how that works. But im glad, your awkard experience turned into a very pleasant one!!! :tup:
  3. There are alot of conversation about snobby sales people here... once you are a regular and you go to the same person your shopping experience is ALOT easier... also, make sure they create an account for you as well...... your experience is typical at gucci... it is either fantastic service or terrible. When I deal with my SA she is BRILLIANT... if I get anyone else it is often bad.
  4. I just went to the waikiki gucci store on Friday and was treated the same by the SA's. I usually go to the ala moana store too, but we were walking around waikiki, so we decided to take a look. My boyfriend wanted to buy a wallet, and there were only a few other people in the store. There were at least 4 SA's available, and noone helped us. Then finally after about 20 minutes of waiting a SA who was already helping a customer saw us waiting and finally helped us. She was really nice and tried to hurry up with the transaction she was working on just so we didn't have to wait any longer. The wallet my boyfriend wanted wasn't in stock, so she showed us some other options, and told us what was in the pre-sale. He ended up buying a wallet, and so did I after she told me the wallet i wanted was going to be on sale :wlae:. She gave me her card after we paid, and she was also a supervisor.. She's probably the same person who helped you. I dont understand why these SA's are so snooby, don't they realize that the nicer you are the more repeat customers they'll get?
  5. Thanks ‘gucci lover’ for your input and I think I should start having a regular SA to give my commission to.

    ‘coco’ yes I have an account with them and I think I’m going to start going to the Gucci in Waikiki. The supervisor is really nice and accommodating.

    “cristara’ I’m disappointed it happened to you too at the Waikiki flagship store. I’m also glad the supervisor also helped you out did her name start with a Y? if that was the lady that helped you then yes I had her to. I went to go pick up my pre-sale items today and she wasn’t in. I waited for a while as usual for an SA who was not busy to come up to me if I needed assistance. What was funny was that when I went out of the store this lady said out loud “WOW someone spent a lot” and I just laughed. I also went to Ala Moana to pick up and it was really busy. My SA that helped me wasn’t it yet so I waited for at least thirty five minutes because they were too busy helping the tourist.
  6. i went to honolulu in march and we went to the Gucci on the strip. Is that Waikiki or Ala Moana?? Is Ala Moana the mall? haha i get confused. But yeah, i went to the one on the strip, and Mannnnn that gucci is HUGGGGGE!! i swear there were probably about 15 SA's. NO LIE. i had my biba w/me at the time and they just smiled and looked.. hehe - someone did ask if we needed help but i was just being a tourist and looked to see if they had anything different.
  7. yes 'gucci lover' the Gucci on the strip is the one in Waikiki and the Ala Moana Gucci is at the Mall. I guess this is common at the Gucci store in Waikiki.
  8. thanks for the clarification. i love Hawaii~~ :beach:
  9. SO does anyone know if the SA's get commission?