Commercial's you just HATE!!!

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  1. I cannot stand the Extenze commercial, anyone that stays up past 12 knows the commercial by :heart: lol!! I was trying to find the commercial in case someone hasn't seen it, but lol I came across this version of it....

  2. I hate all of them.
  3. Ditto. :tup:

    Thank God for DVR!
  4. #4 Jan 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2009
    Actually I was just on youtube watching alot of the crazy European ones, some are so funny. I remember one where a grannie was on her rocker and this male dancer came in and started strip teasing. After he took off his pants she got out her magnifying glass LOL! It was an ad for an eyeglass manufacturer. I would love to find that commercial again on youtube, but I cant. I do like the Aflac duck, he is one of my faves.

    But as far as which I hate...definitely the OxyClean jerk!! He screams way to much. I bought some of that crap for my laundry and it will NOT dissolve. Stuff is junk!
  5. kidzbop.
  6. I hate that Cheerios commercial where the girl and guy talk about weight, "So what do the box say"? Aaah, I want to cringe.
  7. ^ Ugh I know! I hate all those stupid Cheerios commercials!!! :cursing:
  8. Anything that has that Oxy-Clean dude. His voice has got to be the most annoying in the whole history of human vocal chords, and as if that were not enough, they always crank the volume WAAAY up, I mean more way up than most commercials do!

    The second I see him, I hit mute!

  10. I hate the Extenze commercials.

    I hate those stupid shrews on the Jarrod's jewelry commercials. I refuse to ever go to Jarrod's to buy anything because of those commercials. Especially the one when the woman is on a date and texts every detail of her date during their date to her idiotic friends.
  11. Ya, that oxyclean/Billy Mays guy OMG he is ANNOYING!!!!!!!! LOL, and sells just about everything too! Seriously, what does the guy not sell????

    Ohhh, and I CANNOT stand the Ross commercial...(the singing...) "it's a brand new dayyyyyyyyy" OMG, I could spit nails everytime I hear it...So dumb, and irking. Just irritating. I don't know...I think I hate that more then the Billy Mays ones. Yep, now that I think about it I do...I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cursing:
  12. Ricolaaaaaa :cursing:
  13. Sham WOW... "were not going to be here all day" Buy it now!! AGHH
  14. Vonage. That music is ANNOYING!