Commerce, CA Outlet

  1. Just created a thread for when it opens...
  2. I wonder if they're going to have any grand opening specials? Yay! Now there's a COACH outlet that's only 10 miles away from me! Squee!
  3. i called they said there is nothing special on the first day...but hey we got an outlet in LA...ya!
  4. I went there this morning and got there about 10 minutes after they opened and there was a huge line of people outside waiting to get in. I waited about 15 - 20 minutes, and saw a lot of people leaving with full shopping bags, one lady must have had 6 - 7 shopping bags full. The place is large, like OM.

    Since I got there after they opened, some of the FP transfer stuff may have been gone, because there were only a few different bags in the FP 30% off section. They had the large linen totes with the python trim (reg. price like $700), a couple of Chelsea totes in tan, a few gray FP patchwork e/w totes, some lg Kristen hobo/totes in black leather and black signature (I asked for any other colors, but no dice.) There were 4 small Sabrinas in acorn, I was surprised to see those there (I would have bought one but I already have the Audrey in acorn.) There was a scattering of different Kristen signature bags, some big totes in a grey metallic leather (can't remember their name, older style though) and a couple of Poppy satchels in that brown sparkle leather.

    The clearance section was all MFF, and so was the 40% off section. Some of those bags looked pretty nice though, especially for the price.

    I didn't find any FP wallets or wristlets, but it was crowded and things may have been picked over.
    NO jewelry case!
    There was a 30% off coupon at the door.

    Anyone else go?
  5. Went to outlet 8ish, there were no lines but inside alot of ppl.
  6. Did anyone buy anything?
  7. just got one was $125 after 30% coupon
  8. I'm wondering if since this outlet is closer to LA, will it result in less of the better deletes going to OM? Hope not...........
  9. I'm pretty sure they will share with cabazon, ontario, and camarillo
  10. I stopped there this morning. The FP deletes were pretty much cleaned out, they are now 40% off but there were only a few bags there. A couple of small Marielles, some linen signature Kristins, two Chelsea satchels in parchment. That was about it, everything else was MFF.

    One SA mentioned that they had just got a shipment in today and were unpacking/processing today, and they would probably be putting new things out tomorrow, but she didn't know what bags had come in.

    I was looking for the gathered leather carryall in taupe, but none there, so I didn't buy anything.

    BTW, that new Ashley with the gathered leather insert at the top is really pretty. I especially liked the black.
  11. What is this new Ashley you speak of?
  12. I think it must be this:


  13. Yes, that's it. It's one of the nicest MFF bags I've ever seen Coach do. But then I love black bags, and the gold hardware looks lovely on this bag. I've always thought this style/shape bag in black looked like an old doctor's bag, but with the added gathered insert there at the top, it no longer reminds me of the doctors bag. There were other colors too, but I'm only sure about a leather/signature version in lavender that was pretty too.

    Anyways, if anyone goes today or in the next few days, please post if they put out more/new FP transfers/deletes. TIA
  14. I wish I like the Ashley style. I love the detailing. Hopefully this is a trend with MFF bags!
  15. I'm happy to see that they changed the Ashley up a bit, it distinguishes it a little more from the original Sabrinas.