comments/questions/observations on the ZC

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  1. so my emerald ZC arrived from elux today....and:

    1 - WOW, is it gorgeous!!! seriously, i used to think i could never spend that much on a wallet. but then, i had no idea a wallet could be this fabulous! how did i live without this for so long??

    2 - WOW, is it heavy!! i think it weighs almost as much as my hudson...LOL:roflmfao: is this something those of you that own it have gotten used to??

    3 - does anyone who owns it find that it's kind of hard to use, or do you adjust to it? i'm used to wallets that kind of 'fall' it annoying to always have to unzip & zip, and to have to dig around in there for your credit cards, or is it something you just get used to and forget about?? also wondering how hard it is to keep organized....soooo many compartments, so little time! :smile:

    4 - for those that own it, what do you find yourself using the little front pushlocks for? pure decoration, or do you actually put things in the teeny pockets??

    okay, that's it (i think).....any insight would be much appreciated :smile:
  2. :love: I LOVE my ZC! I have no idea how I lived without it for so long...I have lots of stuff I want to carry in my wallet so alot of times my other ones would be stuffed...This one keeps all my stuff organized...I only keep my credit card, gas card, license, debit card and business charge in the slots in the wallet..The rest of my cards I keep in the MJ key/coin zip poutch...I keep my store coupons in the outside zip compartment...Nothing in the pushlock compartments...-yet anyway.....I keep my insurance cards etc in another middle $$ (bills only--I keep my change dumped because it is heavy) in another center compartment...I still have tons of room..I save lots of receipts so I keep these in another center section on a daily basis and take them out in the evening....I love it b/c this wallet keeps all the crap I like to have w/ me organized so I know where everything is..I'm not fumbling at checkout counters......Rest assured I will be buying another one someday...I love it that much!!!....:heart: Emmy
  3. ^awesome, thanks emmy :smile: i can't wait to load it up & take it out for a test run!
  4. You are welcome! Enjoy it! I could throw out all my wallets (except my Gucci) I love it so much!! :heart: Emmy
  5. Yay! We're wallet sisters now too! This is a great color and wallet.... At first I had my doubts, just like you, and now I can't live without it or switch to another wallet. It really does keep you organized. I keep my CCs on the side with the CC slots and pocket, and change in the zip pouch outside. The other side of the wallet I keep important docs and receipts. I got use to the weight, I don't even notice it.
  6. awesome - exactly what i was hoping to hear :smile: it's sooooo pretty!! :smile: i'm glad to know we're wallet sisters...tee hee :roflmfao:
  7. Hi everyone!
    Just received my ZC in whiskey, and I was wondering if anyone else has trouble with the zippers? It opens easily about 3/4's, then I must really pull to open or close it completely! I'm debating whether or not to return it, but they are completely sold out on eluxury. Thank You
  8. Hey that is awesome!!!!! COngratulations on the zipclutch..its gorgeous :smile:
  9. Huh...I wonder why it does that...Look at the zipper one of the teeth bent at the point where it catches? I wonder if it just needs to be 'worked'....Not sure what I'd do..How long before you have to return it? If you can live with it the way it is now that would be fine..but what if it got worse and then you couldn't return it? Something to think about....I'm sure those clutches are not totally out of circulation..I would bet you could find another one if you decided to send it back...Good luck! :heart: Emmy
  10. None of the threads are bent. My husband thinks it will get easier over time, but I'm not so sure. He thinks I'm too picky!! I have 30 days to return it, and eluxury will reimburse me for return shipping.
  11. My zippers open up really easily too.... if whiskey is still available maybe you should consider exchanging it... but it may get easier over time. Try rubbing some soap along the teeth to lubricate the zipper.
  12. OK so wait ten days or set a 'deadline' for yourself..If it doesn't get better..I'd return it!! Someone here will be able to find you another one I'm sure....By the way...My zipper sticks all the way at the end sometimes at the pull tab..When it's fully extended and the wallet is wide open.... but I don't think that's unusual..It just needs to be held 'taught' at that point...I f you have any doubts at your 'deadline'..return it...otherwise it might bug you forever and that would, you know...suck!! Keep us posted... Thithi had a great idea with the soap..try that ASAP!!! :heart: Emmy
  13. I loooovveee mine. I just got it like a month ago, and i already don't know how i went on without it. I got used to the heaviest almost automatically. The zips definitely don't bother me because they are very smooth and easy to open and close.. i don't use the pushlock pockets. :smile:
  14. Have set a deadline of 15 days! Husband suggested putting paraffin (sp?) wax on the teeth, but I don't want to ruin it just in case I return it. I'll keep you posted.
  15. Good Girl!!! Let us know how it goes!!!! Good luck!!!! :heart: Emmy