Comments on Wilson Leather Protector

  1. First of all, thanks everyone for directing me to the Wilson leather protection spray for protection the vachette leather.

    Pro first, it doesn't darken the leather at all and dry very fast (less than 2-3min after spraying).

    I have not have a chance to see the coating in action until yesterday. There is a tiny droplet of water spilled to the vachette leather (already coated). But the water doesn't form a bead and roll off as I expected. I doesn't seem like the wilson protector work??? On the other hand, the water spot is completely gone in about 10sec. I used to use other brand spray protectors before for suede shoes, hats, etc. and those seem to work by repelling water (make it look like a droplet and roll off the suede).

    Now the big question is does anyone know for sure that the Wilson leather protector work with the the vachette leather on LV bags? I spray about 3 coats which is more than I do for my suede shoes. I'm not sure now if I'm suppose to spray more than 3 coats or if I need to spray the vachette leather throughly?